Monday, April 18, 2011

Pusha T - My God (Music Video)

Say what you will about Fear of God (yes it was a bit of a let-down), Pusha has a way with those coke raps, and his music videos are no different. He doesn't really have to be doing much in his videos to make them hot. The younger Thornton brother recruited a children's marching band, some of his Re-Up Gang constituents, a sexy Lambo coupe, a funeral hearse, and a bad light-skinned biddie to accompany him in his video for 'My God'. The cut-scenes of church revivals and people catching the spirit line up perfectly with the lyrics detailing his dealings with fiends, and one can almost taste the juxtaposition between drug addiction and religious fervor. I'm not sure if that's what Pusha or the director Nabil Elderkin were going for here, but I suppose it's just something to marinate on for heavy thinkers such as myself. Check the video out and get hyped for the Fear of God EP.

PS: I'm tired of rappers putting out EP's of mixtapes/albums we've already heard. If Pusha doesn't switch it up a little, I will be severely disappointed...