Thursday, April 28, 2011

Fresh Daily - Say Yes (prod. by Shuko & Fonty)


Fresh Daily - Say Yes

Fresh Daily, out of Brooklyn, has been missing off the scene for over a year now, after his promising Tomorrow is Today mixtape. I suppose he's one of those rappers who works better when he takes little hiatuses from music to actually live life. No worries either way though. Dropping off the face of the earth and then coming back with heat like this is completely excuseable. 'Say Yes', laced with cacophonous, organ-y beat, is almost like a blueprint for making it. Fresh urges the listener to accept the change that life chucks in your direction, then to monkey punch that change when it tries to claw your eyes out. It's a nice way to start the spring, April showers and all. Keep a look out for Fresh Daily's The Quiet Life EP. Maybe I can delete my earlier tweets about there not being any new good music coming out...


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