Sunday, April 25, 2010

Cam'ron & Vado - Speaking in Tungs x I Don't Believe N*ggas


Cam'ron & Vado - Speaking in Tungs

Cam'ron - I Don't Believe Niggas (ft. Fabolous & Vado)

I may be from the Bronx, but I certainly am a fan of Harlem rappers (BX is gonna have a resurgence soon.. I can feel it!). Cam'ron and his newest protege Vado are up there on the list, though Cam has been doing it since the 90s. The thing that I like about Vado is that, unlike Juelz, it hasn't taken him 4 years and a label dispute to get his rhymes together. Vado drops a bunch of bars on both of these tracks, and compliments Cam perfectly. Even Fab drops a lyrical dime or two (why can't he do that on his own work?). Check out the Cam and Vado's odes to lying adversaries and great love-making...


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