Friday, March 26, 2010

Freestyle Friday (3/26)

Hey hey hey (Fat Albert voice), it's Freestyle Friday!!! Let's just cut to the chase, since I'm on my work computer and am not trying to get fired within my first week. We've got freestyles on deck today and both are virtual newcomers. The first one is from AC, who's hailing from Staten Island (I gave it the -___- at first too). He honestly has bars and does a good job of riding an interpolation of 'However Do You Want Me'. AC's also preparing to drop his mixtape 'Send the Scouts Out' soon. Hopefully, he's not a one-video wonder on the blogosphere (funny you can say that now). The second video is by GLC. Yeah, he's not a newbie to the game, but this is one of the first cuts I've heard from him going dolo in a freestyle. He sounds like he has a unique perspective on the game, being quite the street-dweller while hob-knobbing with the likes of Kanye and CuDi. GOOD Music might actually have a roster in the cut, much to my surprise. Regardless, check out the freestyles and keep it locked to Dear Whoever...


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