Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Dear Spider-Man


I guess even wall-crawlers feel the recession. Spidey, you had the run of all runs at The Daily Bugle. Jonah Jameson treated you like his personal whipping boy for your entire tenure at that newspaper, and you risked your life and secret identity countless times, all for the sanctity of your job. Not many people, or comic book characters for that matter, can say that. I suppose it's a bit of a statement by Marvel about the state of the United States, and the journalism industry. There's definitely an air of the Civil Rights going on in X-Men. I never thought they would explore the recession, or have you fired. Does this mean you're going to be a freelance photographer, or are you going to make Spider-Man your full-time position? Whatever the case, happy job hunting, Peter. Get on Craigslist and start looking for some internships (probably unpaid). If all else fails, start selling those shots of Spider-Man to another paper, man. Lord knows New York is a tough city to navigate with no deniro coming in...


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