Sunday, January 24, 2010

Dear Kobe Bryant


Remember the second after the 4th quarter in last year's Finals, when you first relished in winning the NBA Championship? Do you remember getting your ring at the beginning of this season? Great, because you should definitely hold on to that feeling. Kobe, I will say it, since no one else is saying it: The torch has been passed. Not only has LeBron beaten you three times this season, but he's also taken over the scoring lead from you. Kobe, you're 31. In basketball years, that's still relatively young, and you'll most likely be able to dominate based solely off your skills. That's all well and good. But do realize, the torch has been passed.

LeBron is averaging just over 30 in January, while you've been having trouble with those fingers. Yeah, you willed yourself to two wins, but how much can you do? Pau, Ron and Lamar have been pretty ordinary this year, so it's looking like you'll be carrying most of the load. Not to say you'll crumble, but you're looking just a bit more mortal this year. Let's face it, no one is meant to play basketball forever, and if there's someone to carry on tradition as the best player in basketball, LeBron is the one to do it. He's been doing this all year, and has the wins and stats to prove it:

If Anthony Parker didn't get in the way, LeBron would have eaten that shot alive...


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