Thursday, December 31, 2009

Babies (2010)

There are certain movies that you can't help but smile at. This is definitely one of them. I've watched the trailer at least 5 times now, and even my mother wants to see it now. Babies follows the first year of life for four babies around the world. They're located in Japan, Mongolia, Namibia, and of course the US of A. The social and economic implications of the movie will be incredible, as we see how in some countries (I'm not even gonna say which ones), the standard of living is low, and child-rearing is difficult. Raising a child might seem like it is the same everywhere, but Babies will serve to debunk that myth visually. This reminds me a lot of Earth, just with people. There's no word of a release date, so keep your eyes peeled for updates...

PS: Just researched a little more and the movie's coming out on April 16, 2010.

Dear New Year's Resolutions

You and about 10 billion other heads...

It's that time of year again. The time of year when everybody says '20xx is gonna be my year!' or 'let's get it, 20xx' or 'leaving the negative in 20xx, and makes a bunch of you, New Year's Resolutions. Now, there is nothing wrong with trying to improve ourselves, but why do we always wait until a new year to make a list of you guys?? I suppose that the turning of a calendar offers some the hope of a new beginning. That said, why do our grandiose plans and goals have to have a calendar? New Year's Resolutions, you give us a contrived sense of ambition because we see everything in such up-and-down terms.

People, instead of letting their ambition have some sort of continuity, wait until the new year to come up with ways to improve themselves. The problem is, resolutions, that you last as long as the New Year's spirit does: maybe a few days. That's not to say that everyone has the same, weak mental fortitude, but NYR (that's what we're calling you for the rest of the post), how many weight loss, or money management versions have we seen? How many vows to stop drinking or smoking or cursing have passed through the tenet of NYR's?? Hell, an even better question: How many of you have actually been kept until the next new year?? I'd say more resolutions come and go in the first week of the new year than drinks on New Year's Eve. No offense, but this year, instead of making a promise to do something, I'm just going to do the same thing I've been doing, just better. That's a resolution I can keep, and will probably not forget a week later...

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Google Nexus One

I told you it was coming, just not when. Google is on the minds of every techie on the planet as they anticipate releasing their Nexus One cell phone. Of course the phone will run the latest version Google's proprietary Android OS. But what has everyone clamoring is the fact that the phone will come out unlocked, meaning you can put it on any network (GSM networks only, so T-Mobile or AT&T in the US). If you don't want to pay the $530 to get it unlocked, you can get it for $180 on T-Mobile. Check the rest of the post for some screenshots directly from Google...



Bringing a Gun to a Snowball Fight

Everyone knows that you shouldn't bring a knife to a gunfight, but I don't think that many people would think to bring a gun to a snowball fight. My man Josh at Bruce & Carrie's Son put me on to this incident, that even he was 10 days late for. I shudder to think what kind of tragedy would have ensued if cameras weren't present. Even with the threat of police brutality (not the kind you're use to, is it?), there are two positives that we can take from this. First of all, the power of social networking is limitless. Over 200 folks were gathered for this frolic solely from Twitter and Facebook communication. One can only imagine how many more people heard or saw information about the gathering, but didn't attend. Secondly, it's heartwarming to see that people don't let the threat of violence deter them from their fun. In the background you can still see people chucking snowballs and smiling, while a serious situation was arising in front of them. The folly and brash nature of the policemen was a sad story, and indicative of a lack of discernment on their part and every policeman who draws their weapon needlessly. Hopefully we can get past this and just enjoy nature, like our snowball fighters were...

Skills - 2009 Rap-Up

Skills - 2009 Rap-Up

Like I said when I did the underrated mixtape countdown, everyone is doing their top 10's and year in review lists. I'm not really with most of it (I read it, though), because everyone's doing the same shit. This, however is dope. I love when hip-hop takes on popular culture, especially in such a funny way. I've never heard of Skillz before, but anyone who can put out a song like this has to be halfway decent. Check out his 'rap-up' of 2009...

Dear Teddy Riley

The phrase is correct, but the actions are dead wrong...

Okay Teddy, I will not lie. Blackstreet was one of my favorite groups. I still sing No Diggity, Baby Be Mine and Don't Leave Me Girl to this day. You guys paved the way for the R&B group explosion of the late 90's and were innovators in terms of sound. You however, have truly disappointed me. I've always been a firm believer that discipline in a child's life is second only to love. Whether corporal, or simple positive reinforcement, the discipline in a child's life is one of the more prevalent factors in shaping them as an adult. That said, what the hell, Teddy?? Since when has it been okay to beat a child with their Christmas present? You see, Teddy, there is a HUGE difference between discipline and abuse, and you crossed it.

According to the ridiculous Twitter argument between you and your daughter (readers, you can find that for yourself; I refuse to cite TMZ or MTO), she was unhappy with your new girlfriend and decided to voice that opinion. Call me new school, or progressive, but when a child reaches a certain age (18 in your daughter's case), they have a pretty good scope of relationships, even if they haven't been in one themselves. Now this is just an assumption, but your new girlfriend probably isn't your first of that variety (young, and money hungry), and probably won't be your last. You may even love the woman, which is cool. But at what point do you take your daughter's feelings into consideration?

Even if you didn't agree with what she was saying, I'm sure hitting her with a Rock Band guitar probably isn't the best way to leave your fatherly imprint on her. In fact, I'm even more sure that doing that will make her despise you even more. I'm no family expert. Nor was I there when the incident, and subsequent Twitter argument (funny that there is such a thing, isn't it?) took place. But your daughter was there before your girlfriend, and will be there after (not trying to put a hex on your girl; I'm just telling it how it is) her. Don't alienate and abuse her because she told you that you need to stop putting p*ssy on a pedestal...

Neighborhood Newletter (12/30)

The idiocy here is unparalleled...

10 ways Apple owned the decade

Phone helps illegal border crossers find water, culture

Space Probe Gets Halfway to Pluto in Record Time

Escaped Prisoner Teases Police With Facebook Photos

Giant Mold Universe Found Inside Walmart Chef Boyardee Can

Why Men Cheat: A Year of Philandering

How Excessive Alcohol Intake Will Impact Every Organ

Funeral home offers drunk drivers a free burial

Vans Chukka Low Team Series (Spring 2010)


I said it before, and I'll say it again. For me, spring and summer are when fashion is at its best. These days, it is way too cold to be fresh. That said, sneakers ans shoes obviously are at the forefront of my mind, most of the time. Vans always catch my eye because of the simplicity of their design, but also because of how many variations can come of that simplicity. This spring Vans is releasing a Chukka sneaker in four colorways based on four different riders (Alex Olson, Chima Ferguson, Keegan Sauder, and Chris Pfanner). Three of the four have two-tone pallets and contrast lacing, with suede uppers. The fourth one features metallic silver leather. Check them out...





Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The World's Largest New Era Cap


If the Na'vi from Avatar were into streetwear, this is most definitely the fitted that they would rock. MISHKA has always been known to be one of the most innovative and creative brands on the scene, and this just shows how big their imaginations really are (get it?). Unfortunately, the size 16 fitted is not for sale, but is on display at the MISHKA store at 350 Broadway in NYC. Check out the hat you can use for some serious panhandling...


HDTV x Fireplace


I created a new tag for the blog. It's called 'When I'm Rich'. It goes in concordance with 'The Catalog', and surprising catalogs things that I can only aspire to purchase when I am filthy, stinking rich. The first post to have this is honestly ridiculous. It looks like it's fresh out of an episode of MTV Cribs (pre-recession). It's a HDTV with a built-in fireplace that funnels the smoke around the TV. It comes in a clear, white or black colorway. The concept is simple, but somewhat practical. Hopefully the casing is as expensive as the rest of the console so there aren't any burnt TV's on Cribs...


Stussy x HAZE Special Collection


I haven't posted and clothes for damn near a month. That's not because I haven't been paying attention to fashion. It's because nothing's come out that I've really dug enough to blog about. Plus, lately I've been part of the thinking that it's too cold to be fresh. But with the new year coming around, the spring collections are starting to pop up. Stussy and legendary designer Eric Haze are collaborating to create a special collection for this coming spring, with a few t-shirts, some hoodies, a varsity jacket, and most importantly, a sneaker colllab with Pro-Keds. Check the collection out...






Kick-Ass (2010)

Just when it seemed like every superhero avenue had been explored in depth, someone decides to revamp the whole 'rag-tag bunch of nobodies who turns into superheroes' genre. If you saw Mystery Men (sad to say I did), then you know how badly done this can be done. However, from the trailer for Kick-Ass (and the red-band, unrated trailer below), we might finally be in luck. Of course they have to throw in the discouraged, frustrated teenager, but the little girl in the next trailer makes me want to see this. Check both trailers...

Dear Airport Security

Yeah, this is another post from the holiday week, but this needs to be said. While traveling to Atlanta last week, I thought my hindrances would be minor since I was flying domestically. That wasn't the case. When coming through the metal detectors and overall TSA hype, both my mother and I had to toss bottles of lotion and cologne that were deemed 'too big' to carry on. Then when returning, we had a very feisty TSA agent try to disrespect my father, among other people traveling, with a snippy attitude and an unwarranted pat-down. But that's neither here nor there. What really irked me was the story above.

Airport security has always been a hassle. There is no debate that that hassle contributes to our security and safety in the air. However, at what cost does this come?? Are these methods of security really that effective? I've seen a young child frisked for having a bottle of 'suspicious fluids', a teenager yelled at for forgetting to take their shoes off in a timely fashion, and my father frisked for forgetting to remove his wallet (in fear that someone would steal it). Those are all minuscule happenings on the radar of airport security that get blown way out of proportion. Yet and still, some attempted Nigerian terrorist can enter a plane (and pass security) with a bomb strapped to him?? TSA, what's the deal? Such oversight is indicative of the failures of this system. If someone can thwart you guys that easily, I shudder to think what could have happened had the suspect been more efficient in his undertaking. I understand the heightened level of anxiety during high-travel times. I understand that everyone is privy to the whims of the TSA. Hell, I even understand that sometimes suspicion overrides common sense. But where do we draw the line between gross invasion and 'security'?

Something must be done to rectify the system of checks and balances that airport security goes through. There has to be an wide, yet thin line between the terrorists and the unseemly civilians that use the air for good purposes every day. The fact that Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab was on America's radar, but was still allowed to fly as everyone else shows how faulty the system is. Whether it was gross oversight or simply naivete that allowed this incident, there is no doubt in my mind that we are still not safe, nor will we be for the foreseeable future. It's not a question of jostling or harassment, but of incompetence and ignorance. I'm glad that no incident took place, but can't help but give you guys the side-eye every time I fly now. For all our sakes, I hope whoever frisked my father and whoever let Mutallab on that plane are now in the same class, re-learning their modus operandi. Lord knows it might not be such a Merry Christmas next year if the same thing is allowed to happen again...

The Cool Kids x Don Cannon - Merry Christmas (FreEP)


The Cool Kids x Don Cannon - Merry Christmas (FreEP)

Yeah, I'm late. Sue me. Over the holiday, there were supposed to be an assload of mixtapes dropping. Unfortunately (well, not really), we only got one. I'm just glad that it was the Cool Kids. Over the past two years, the two Midwest MC's have really wowed me with their growth, both lyrically and as artists. Their Merry Christmas FreEP (why's everyone putting out EP's now??) only featured four tracks, but along with a Don Cannon cosign (I really hope he's on board for their album), they're making sure they go into 2010 with the right attitude. Of course, the beat are FIRE, and Chuck and Mikey bring their individual flavors to each track. There's not much else to say about the release. Of course, check the link, the tracklist, my #dopetracks (no more Cream of the Crop and Cream of the Crap), and some videos. Merry (belated) Christmas...


BBQ Wings
Catch of the Day
Free Throws

Monday, December 28, 2009

Dear Laker Fans

A lot worse things could have happened...

I really didn't like the two 'marquee matchups' this Christmas, but was forced to after realizing that every other channel was showing holiday shows (does anyone else get tired of them??). Of the five games, the one was probably hyped the most, and of course, one team dominated. This time it was the Cavs. Along with the L, the Lakers squad had to deal with you guys throwing your foam fingers on the court. What's the problem? One loss (which didn't even shake their hold on the Western standings) and you guys are booing?? I'd hate to see the Staples Center if this happened in the playoffs, or even the Finals. Lakers fans, you don't know how to act. If you win, you riot in the streets and loot sneaker stores. If you lose you're ready to beat your players with foam. Calm down. Be glad you're not Knicks fans, because we've had a team to boo about for years...

Top 10 Most UNDERRATED Mixtapes of the Year (2-1)

Okay, so we've finally gotten to the last two underrated mixtapes of the year. I took a break for X-Mas, but I'll start the week off hard (pause). Hope you guys enjoyed the countdown, and found some new music you might not have heard of...

2. The Kid Daytona - Come Fly With Me


The Kid Daytona - Come Fly With Me

Air Jordan
The Groove
Air Born
The Minimum

I said it so many times and I'll say it again: The Bronx has no big artists on the radar for hip-hop. It's sad and even unbelievable that the borough that created hip-hop is dead on the mainstream. The Kid Daytona, might be one of the next to try for our borough's throne. Come Fly With Me does a lot of 'fly' talk (then again, isn't that how hip-hop started too??), but has punchlines, dope beats (6th Sense, nuff said), and Daytona has different flows for days. Hopefully he gets the shine he deserves, because the BX needs SOMETHING...

1. Lupe Fiasco : Enemy of the State: A Love Story


Lupe Fiasco : Enemy of the State: A Love Story

The National Anthem
Say Something
Thank You
The One

Honestly, did you think anything else would be #1? I didn't have any doubt. Lupe is. by many accounts, the most underrated MC in the game. His mixtape was even themed about how underrated he is. Lupe ripped every beat (wouldn't he be the SHIT if his beat-selection was better?), and showed people that he fits more lines in a song than some on an album. Listen to the mixtape and do your ears a favor.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Neighborhood Newletter (12/24)

The Christmas spirit tells people to do some weird things...

'Girls Gone Wild' Founder Named 'Douche Of The Decade'

Senator cites blacks as disadvantage for his state

U.S. Senate passed an $871 billion health care reform plan

7 Top Technology Trends That Ruled 2009

Armed Santa Claus robs US bank

The Real Reason Cell Phone Use Is Banned on Airlines

Tennessee Man Buys Gas For 80 Strangers

Kid uses Facebook to Blackmail Classmates Into Sex With Him

Repo Men

If you are turned off by blood, gore, violence and language, please move down to the next post. If not, you are in for one of the craziest action movies since Kill Bill. Repo Man stars Jude Law and Forrest Whittaker as mercenaries of a high-tech medical company that builds organs for people at a hefty price. When people can't pay the price, the two are sent to get those organs back, hence the name Repo Men. The twist comes along when Law can't foot the bill for one of his own organs and Whittaker gets sent to repossess it. Hilarity, violence and gore will ensue. I will most definitely be seeing this one. Hopefully you're not too grossed out to see it, too...

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


I love seeing the recession bring out the humor in people, albeit in such creative ways. This video comes all the way from England, but I definitely think this game would make a killing over here in the states. I'd kill to see this game down on Wall Street, especially during the holidays, when everyone's banker becomes a mortal enemy. As credit card bills and debt pile up, sometimes you just want to beat the hell out of a banker. Here you can do it without getting a bid...

PS: PAUSE on the title, people..

X-Mas Pranks Going too Far

Something about this video screams 'TOO MUCH TIME ON YOUR HANDS'. Apparently, some guy left his friend his apartment keys for a vacation, and that friend decided to pull the prank of all pranks by wrapping his entire apartment. When I say his entire apartment, I mean EVERYTHING. It's funny until you realize that his friends didn't just stop at his furniture, but also took it upon themselves to wrap the food in his fridge. With friends like this, it's understandable why people are losing their Christmas cheer. Then again, I'd laugh if I saw a friend's apartment like this, too...

The Karate Kid (2010)

It seems like the writer's strike is making new movies harder and harder to come by. Even so, I can't be mad about a remake of the Karate Kid. Gone is Mr. Miyagi and Ralph Macchio. Enter Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith and you have a new version of an old movie that today's kids are going to forget. If the movie is as transparent as the trailer, then you might waste your $11.50 (did you know movies are $7.50 in Atlanta??), but I suppose seeing Jaden Smith kick a bunch of teenage Chinese ass might be worth it. Check the trailer...

Dear Nike

Who knew one release could tell so much about a company??

It's a funny thing about sneakers. Everyone loves to hate on them, and the fact that everyone is copping them, but no one ever takes into account who releases them. Nike, you released the first Air Jordan XI's in 1995. It was crazy because Michael Jordan himself got fined $5000 a game during the playoffs for wearing them. That fact only served to hype the sneakers up even more. The original Space Jam XI's were released in 2000, to even more hype, with sneaker collectors lining up for days to get their hands on a pretty nice colorway. Today, Twitter, the blogs and every mall in America were filled with 'sneakerheads' all looking for the same thing: another shot at those Space Jams. Therein lies the problem: another chance.

Nike, for the past decade, you've been giving people 'another chance' to get all of your more popular releases from the previous decade. There's nothing wrong with that. In fact, I relish the opportunity to get a sneaker that I was too young, or dumb to see the value in, or even afford. However, Nike, it is a HUGE problem when EVERY hot release you guys come out with is a retro. Think about it. What was the last sneaker you guys came out with, that people were lining up for, that WASN'T a retro?? I racked my brain for about 20 minutes trying to find one original sneaker from the past ten years. I couldn't find anything. Dunks and Uptowns are from the 80s, all the Jordans after XVI suck and Air Maxes stopped being hot after 2000. Even the Nike Basketball sneakers get rehashed. Penny's, KG's and other signature kicks are getting retroed too.

Here is some simple economics, Nike: rarity drives prices up. If you can't get something, that makes its value that much more for you. That said, I can understand why you guys keep retro-ing sneakers. You won't see a cent of the value of OG sneakers after retail (eBay and sneaker forums killed that profit), which is why you guys keep re-releasing them. Even so, you guys are tarnishing your legacy like that. 1/2 Cents and Sharkleys suck, as do the rest of your recent releases. Maybe you should focus more on R&D, and less on recapturing the magic of the past. Yeah, the Jams are a good sneaker, but how many times can you re-do a good thing before it gets (gasp) old???

Dear Loud Commercials

I've been tempted to do the same on many occasions...

via CNN:
In her crusade to eliminate the nuisance, Rep. Anna Eshoo wrote the Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation Act, or CALM, which mandates that TV commercials be no louder than the programs in which they appear.

Representatives unanimously passed the bill last month and sent it to the Senate for consideration.

The brief measure directs the Federal Communications Commission to develop regulations preventing ads from being "excessively noisy or strident" or "having modulation levels substantially higher than the accompanying program." The bill also addresses "average maximum loudness."

There are certain laws that just baffle most people, like it being illegal to have sex with socks on in Virginia. Then there are certain laws that make you wonder why they weren't there in the first place. This law's for you, commercials. I consider myself an avid television watcher, and even I can't get around the overwhelming knack for commercials to be twice as loud as the TV show I'm watching. Commercials, why is it even necessary to do that?? If someone is going to buy something, they're going to buy it. If they aren't going to buy it, they're not going to buy it. Do you really think bombarding people with your insane amount of decibels makes them want to buy your products any more?? If anything, I'd refrain from buying them. You guys are like that pushy-ass salesman who keeps putting his foot between the door even while I'm smashing his leg with the door. Nobody wants a Snuggie that badly that they would appreciate losing their hearing. Tonedeafness should only be left for church choirs, not during the evening news...

Top 10 Most UNDERRATED Mixtapes of the Year (4-3)

Honestly, this was a hell of a year in terms of music. So many new artists showed their talents through sound, and it was easy to get lost in the shuffle (get it?). We saw Drake, Wale, KiD CuDi & J. Cole all get their time in the limelight. All over the blogosphere, I'm seeing everyone's top 10, or 5 or whatever, mixtape lists, and I'm seeing the same fucking mixtapes over and over again. That doesn't sit well with me.What about all the artists, and more importantly, mixtapes that flew under the radar? What about the mixtapes without the huge promotion and big name features? What about those mixtapes you DIDN'T hear? Those questions end as we enter the new year. Dear Whoever is listing it's top 10 underrated mixtapes, as well as the #dopetracks (my Twitter fam knows I love that hashtag). We'll cross two names off the list every two days, and end next week with the most underrated mixtape of the year. Check out who chimed in at numbers 4 and 3, and keep it locked to Dear Whoever for the top 2 most underrated mixtapes of the year...

4. The Cool Kids - Gone Fishing


The Cool Kids - Gone Fishing

Hammer Brothers
Gold Links

Yes, everyone knows about the Cool Kids. Yet at the same time, in this fickle blogosphere (I really do love that word), acts seem to get swept under the rug a month after they release some hot shit. I feel like that happened with the Cool Kids. Gone Fishing came out in May to some serious fan fare, and had bass-thumping tracks for days. Also, I think people tend to forget that both Chuck and Mikey are pretty good lyricists in their own rights. Pair those with a Don Cannon cosign and beats (good as gold, even with the ridiculous amount of drops), and you have a dope mixtape...

3. Curren$y & Wiz Khalifa - How Fly


Curren$y & Wiz Khalifa - How Fly

The Life
How Fly
All Over
Car Service

It's a rarity that two solo artists can collaborate and successfully make good music. So when it does happen, it's a great thing. Curren$y and Wiz are both great by themselves, but exude so much chemistry over their tracks that it's impossible to not like them. This is an underrated mixtape for the same reason that both artists are underrated: they all get pigeonholed. If you think this mixtape is just for sneakerheads and weed-smokers, you're wrong. These two not only have bars on the tape, but also have great beats from front to back. I'm still bumping this one, hopefully you will be too...

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Redskins Special Teams runs a 'Special' Play

I have a lot of friends from DC, but even they can admit that this was, without a doubt, one of the DUMBEST playcalls EVER. The last time I saw the swinging gate run successfully, I was in 7th grade. What made Jim Zorn, or the Redskins special teams coach, think that this was a good idea? Your 1st string quarterback was getting eaten alive for the whole half. Your offensive line looked like a bunch of deer in front of an 18-wheeler. So, to remedy that, you guys decide to line your punter up behind center with half of the offensive line gone?? Not to mention, where was he passing that ball to?? He motioned the kicker out, and the play was most likely designed to go to him. Unfortunately, that throw ended up getting completed to the defense. I don't like to joke on teams unnecessarily, but you gotta admit, seeing that was hilarious...

Monday, December 21, 2009

Dear Senate

The Republicans ironically are the most well-fed politicians.. I wonder why

via The Raw Story:
Landmark health care legislation backed by President Barack Obama passed its sternest Senate test in the pre-dawn hours early Monday, overcoming Republican delaying tactics on a 60-40 vote that all but assures its passage by Christmas.

"Let's make history," said Sen. Tom Harkin, D-Iowa, shortly before the bill's supporters demonstrated their command of the Senate floor in an extraordinary holiday season showdown.

The bill would extend coverage to more than 30 million Americans who now lack it, while banning insurance company practices such as denial of benefits on the basis of pre-existing medical conditions.

It's a sad day in the United States when the deciding bodies of our country can't even decide on an issue that's been plaguing us since the days of JFK. Senate, today amidst screams and whines and kicks from Republicans and flip-flopping legislators, you passed the ever-so-elusive health care bill. I can't say that the bill was passed through an overwhelming majority (it went through 60-40), I am happy that the bill passed.

That said, why did it take you guys so damn long to get this bill passed?? First of all, it always seemed like half of the Senate didn't even read the bill, much less understand what the bill was proposing. It's like the Patriot Act, but in reverse. What happened to the gung-ho, go-get-um attitude that made mining phone numbers and tapping cell phones okay in 2002?? What happened to the lackadaisical attitudes that allowed the Fed to cut interest rates and dig us into an even bigger recession?? It always seems like the government is ready to make moves when it LEAST helps the people. Now that we finally had a plan, half of you guys were dragging your feet more than O.J. going to his verdict hearing.

Second of all, why has it always taken 60 votes to get something through the Senate? According to the Constitution, there actually is no law that can end a filibuster (the conflict that was keeping the bill in limbo), which means that as long as less than 3/5 of the Senate votes for a bill, the bill cannot get passed. Why is that the norm?? In fact, why is this bill even in the hands of Congress in the first place?? For something affecting the people, shouldn't the vote be in the hands of the people?? I find it funny that so many Senators were against publicizing health care, when most of you guys have never not been able to afford health care!! That's like Paris Hilton telling an anorexic girl she should eat more. The hypocrisy in our government is rampant, and your failure to pass this bill in a timely manner is laughable.

Finally, if this is how you guys decide something as drastic as health care, what in God's name is going to happen when other issues (ooh, I don't know the financial situation or climate change) stand to be reformed?? Is it going to be the same standstill, and then overwhelming revision that comes?? I hope not. Our government, like our health care policies, are in need of drastic change. And if it takes 60 votes from a bunch of wishy-washy legislators to do that, then I truly have lost hope in our political system. Get it together, Senate. Lord knows it doesn't take a two-month long filibuster to recognize how inefficient you guys have been as of late...

Little Girl Types at 119 Words per Minute

While this is a wondrous feat, I can't help but think that there is something seriously wrong with a 10 year old girl that can type 119 words per minute. In this day and age, it's not unnatural for children to have a great aptitude for computing. However, where do you as a parent, or as an educator, put your foot down and tell that little girl to GO OUTSIDE!! Seriously. Have we as a society grown so attached to computers, that instead of raising children ourselves, we allow the computers to do it?? Oh wait, yeah we have.

Parents, do yourselves and your children a favor, and TURN OFF THE COMPUTER. It's ironic that I'm saying this from a computer. At the same time, though, I can say that I was never glued to a computer. Oregon Trail day came and went, and though it was always a big deal, electronics never seemed to trump the thrill of going down a slide or kicking the ball out of the park playing kickball. To say that we are in a digital age is an understatement when you see things like this. At this point, it's really really disheartening to see a girl, no older than the concept of the modern internet, so drawn in by computing that she has made a hobby out of typing. Does this girl have friends? Do her parents just not care?? Whatever the case, I feel bad for her if her career goals ever go anywhere north of secretary...

Banksy Returns


If you don't know who Banksy is, I feel sorry for you. The British graffiti artist is notorious worldwide for his use of his canvas in coordination with the actual work. Also he's known for being damn near un-catchable (not a word) and being the most elusive tagger ever. This time, he takes on global warming in a tongue-in-cheek way, showing that if it doesn't stop, one of his works will disappear. Honestly, I can't describe the pieces. Just look, and understand how much of a genius the man is...



Top 10 Most UNDERRATED Mixtapes of the Year (6-5)

Honestly, this was a hell of a year in terms of music. So many new artists showed their talents through sound, and it was easy to get lost in the shuffle (get it?). We saw Drake, Wale, KiD CuDi & J. Cole all get their time in the limelight. All over the blogosphere, I'm seeing everyone's top 10, or 5 or whatever, mixtape lists, and I'm seeing the same fucking mixtapes over and over again. That doesn't sit well with me.What about all the artists, and more importantly, mixtapes that flew under the radar? What about the mixtapes without the huge promotion and big name features? What about those mixtapes you DIDN'T hear? Those questions end as we enter the new year. Dear Whoever is listing it's top 10 underrated mixtapes, as well as the #dopetracks (my Twitter fam knows I love that hashtag). We'll cross two names off the list every two days, and end next week with the most underrated mixtape of the year. Check out who chimed in at numbers 6 and 5, and keep it locked to Dear Whoever for numbers 4 through 1...

6. Pac Div - Church League Champions


Pac Div - Church League Champions

We the Champs
Pac Div
Young Black Male

They say the West Coast is dead. Lies. Pac Div (formerly known as Pacific Division) is the first group from that side that has gotten East Coast heads such as myself (yeah I have that bias) hyped. Their mixtape Church League Champions mixes a basketball theme, hard-knocking beats and witty lyrics from start to finish. On tracks like 'Pac Div', they espouse themselves as 'cool with the thugs', but never to be grouped in with hipsters. They straddle the line perfectly and don't disappoint on any tracks. Making the cut as a group is hard, but Pac Div made it look easy with this work...

5. Outasight - Further (Free LP)


Outasight – Further (Free LP)

Catch Me if You Can
Don't Say Anything
Brand New Day
Downtown in My Mind
Stranger than Fiction

Here's another tape that more or less came out a week ago, but I really don't think heads know what to think about Outasight. It's an LP, but in this day and age, if it's free, it's a mixtape. People have heard him rap, and people have heard him sing, but this is the first complete work from the man that blows everything out of the water. Outasight takes musicianship 'further' with this offering. There is a lot of acoustic production, which works for his sound. Also, the LP does a good job of mixing up genres, so that you don't try and classify Outasight. Oh yeah, and this is yet another NOTHERGROUND artist gracing the list. If the 6th Sense beats aren't enough, then Outasight's lyrics and voice should make you a fan...

Neighborhood Newletter (12/21)

The only way you can really die from marijuana...

Israeli army admits organ harvesting

8 Kinds of Drug Dealers

Senate advances landmark health bill 60-40

Baylor professor turning cow manure into fuel-grade ethanol

Earth on track for epic die-off, scientists say

Bad Santa: Gifts that say you’re old, fat or hairy

Comedian Sinbad Files for Bankruptcy After Going Broke

Blind mother regains sight; sees daughter for first time

Freestyle Friday on Monday (from 12/21)

Yeah, I know, it's not Friday, but I couldn't let another day go by without some freestyles to lace you guys with. Don't worry, I'll have another one this Friday. Anyway, the first on is from Cory Gunz, who needs to drop a damn album already! He goes in for about 5 minutes straight. It's actually insane how this guy spits. It doesn't even seem like he's trying sometimes, which is why freestyles like this are DOPE. The second one is from another favorite of mine, Illecism. Illy hails from California, and has BARS (and really bad hair; sorry Illy). When I say BARS, I mean lines that will handcuff you and make you rewind the entire video. The actual freestyle is in the last 2 minutes (8:40), so skip that whole interview (it sounded like bullshit anyway) Please check this man out. He is disgusting...

Saturday, December 19, 2009

The World's Deepest Underwater Volcano ERUPTS

For most of you, this might go right over your heads. But for those of you interested in the past (and future) of the world, this is beyond DOPE. The West Mata volcano in the Pacific Ocean is the world's deepest underwater volcano. In the video, you see it spewing molten-hot lava out into the ocean, in what is probably going to be a new island in about 2,000 years. This pretty much hearkens to 2012, where the world's plates and molten core work in concordance to drive the North Pole to Minnesota. I find the inner workings of our planet fascinating. Hopefully you will too...

Top 10 Most UNDERRATED Mixtapes of the Year (8-7)

Honestly, this was a hell of a year in terms of music. So many new artists showed their talents through sound, and it was easy to get lost in the shuffle (get it?). We saw Drake, Wale, KiD CuDi & J. Cole all get their time in the limelight. All over the blogosphere, I'm seeing everyone's top 10, or 5 or whatever, mixtape lists, and I'm seeing the same fucking mixtapes over and over again. That doesn't sit well with me.What about all the artists, and more importantly, mixtapes that flew under the radar? What about the mixtapes without the huge promotion and big name features? What about those mixtapes you DIDN'T hear? Those questions end as we enter the new year. Dear Whoever is listing it's top 10 underrated mixtapes, as well as the #dopetracks (my Twitter fam knows I love that hashtag). We'll cross two names off the list every two days, and end next week with the most underrated mixtape of the year. Check out who chimed in at numbers 8 and 7, and keep it locked to Dear Whoever for numbers 6 through 1...

8. Lloyd Banks - Happy Birthday


Lloyd Banks - Happy Birthday

Real Recognize Real
Me and My Strap
Hottest in the Hood (Remix)
Money Moves the World
Don't Come Around

I'm tired of heads who think Lloyd Banks is 50's little brother on the microphone, because honestly, Banks shits on 50 on wax. And that's a fact. His 'Happy Birthday' mixtape went under the radar in terms of the blogosphere (heads are allergic to gangsta shit these days), but lyrically, Banks is still the top dog from G-Unit. To top it off, the release was 2 CD's!!! Seriously, if you liked Lloyd Banks before, you'll love him even more. And if you weren't a fan before, you will be now...

7. Harlem's Cash - CASHifornication


Harlem’s Cash – Cashifornication

Keep It Truck'n
Stank You
Ignint Shit
Ground Level

Harlem's Cash is a MONSTER. Say it with me. A MONSTER. Along with that trademark Harlem flow (all my Big L fans know what I mean), Cash has lyrics for days. CASHifornication was a short mixtape, but it had enough firepower for two releases. Also, he does a great job with his vocabulary and his wording on this release. He's always working with (not against) the beat, and his beat selection was great (even though three of them were Drake joints). I can say that Cash is another one to watch out for in 2010, along with the rest of the Notherground camp (a few more might make appearances on the list; hint hint). Follow him on Twitter @HarlemsCash.

Neighborhood Newletter (12/19)

Alcoholic monkeys?? The world is ending...

Sea Level Rise May Exceed Worst Expectations

Close-up photos of dying star show our sun's fate

Five laws of human nature

Insurgents Hack U.S. Drones with $26 Software

Consensual Sex Lands Man as Registered Sex Offender

Why Are Europeans White?

Study: Casual Sex Doesn’t Cause Emotional Damage

'I'm Going To Let You Finish' & More: Top Quotes of 2009

Friday, December 18, 2009

Valets Gone Wild

To all my friends who like to go to fancy restaurants and partake in the valet parking, let this be a warning to you. If you've seen Ferris Bueller's Day Off, you know exactly what I'm talking about. This guy posted videos like this on Youtube of him doing all kinds of crazy stunts in exotic cars, only to be found out by one of his patrons months later. He's a pretty good driver given the circumstances, though I doubt he'll be doing much driving pretty soon...

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ronaldinho Dribbles (kinda) Blindfolded???

Everyone knows who Ronaldinho is (or at least I hope so) purely off the ridiculous ball skills (pause) that the man has on the pitch. His dribbling is incomparable, but what happens when his sight is impaired (I was going to say 'taken away', but you'll see the end)?? Ronaldinho, as well as Theo Walcott (Arsenal), Xavi (Barca), Chiellini (Juventus), among others, put their 'impaired' dribbling to the test for FIFA 10. Check out the mastery of REAL football...

Top 10 Most UNDERRATED Mixtapes of the Year (10-9)

Honestly, this was a hell of a year in terms of music. So many new artists showed their talents through sound, and it was easy to get lost in the shuffle (get it?). We saw Drake, Wale, KiD CuDi & J. Cole all get their time in the limelight. All over the blogosphere, I'm seeing everyone's top 10, or 5 or whatever, mixtape lists, and I'm seeing the same fucking mixtapes over and over again. That doesn't sit well with me.What about all the artists, and more importantly, mixtapes that flew under the radar? What about the mixtapes without the huge promotion and big name features? What about those mixtapes you DIDN'T hear? Those questions end as we enter the new year. Dear Whoever is listing it's top 10 underrated mixtapes, as well as the #dopetracks (my Twitter fam knows I love that hashtag). We'll cross two names off the list every two days, and end next week with the most underrated mixtape of the year. Check out who chimed in at numbers 10 and 9, and keep it locked to Dear Whoever for numbers 8 through 1...

10. Trey Songz - Anticipation


Trey Songz - Anticipation

It Would Be You
Does She Know
You Belong to Me

If you like R&B, this is the essential mixtape of the year. In a work that I think superseded the album that came after it, Trey laced very minimal and some acoustic beats with his usual silky smooth vocals. The mixtape was nearly flawless. All of the tracks are what some people like to call 'panty-droppas'. Trey really outdid himself with this one, and made me a fan...

9. Rockie Fresh - Rockie's Modern Life


Rockie Fresh - Rockie's Modern Life

New Chapter
Rockie Go Get Um
Rockie Fresh
Fire Bed

You know a mixtape is fire, when it came out two days ago and I'm posting it as one of the most underrated of the year. Rockie Fresh from Chicago is a punchline king, and you probably don't know that yet. Download this mixtape NOW. I'm serious. He definitely has room to grow as an artist, but already has 95% of rap beat in terms of lyricism, which is not a light statement at all. Rockie is going to be someone to watch in 2010. Don't say I didn't tell you...

Dear Married Athletes

RIP Chris Henry.. He died in vain..

Next year would be the best time to renew your vows, buy flowers and candy, and take your wife out for every conceivable holiday under the sun. I'm serious. This morning, we received word that Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chris Henry died from a serious accident after a domestic dispute with his fiancee. Apparently, the five year player out of West Virginia hopped into the back of his pickup truck as his fiance drove away. About a mile down the road, Henry was found with life-threatening injuries.

Now, I won't make any assumptions as to the nature of the incident, or how or why it came about, but as soon as I heard the word 'domestic', it rung the bell of all bells. Whether it's Tiger Woods' whole situation, the Gilbert Arenas and Shaq saga, or Terrell Suggs pouring bleach on his wife, athletes seem to always be at odds with their women (sad that all of them are black). Athletes, some of you get married or engaged under the wrong pretenses. Whether you just got drafted, won a championship, got a new contract or whatever, it always seems like you guys go for broke with love at the wrong times. A lot of the time, I think your elopement is more out of circumstance than it is love. Perhaps children are involved, or the joy of success in professional sports puts a rosy blinder over the truth: YOU MIGHT NOT BE AS IN LOVE AS YOU THINK.

Seriously, guys. How many more Media Takeout and TMZ stories have to be released before you get the picture? Relationships (including marriage) take more than love. They take commitment, sacrifice and understanding, much like the sports that you play. If you don't have any or all of those working in your relationship, chances are that person is not right for you (or maybe not at that time). Whatever the case, Chris Henry clearly died in vain. He ran out of his house looking to clear his relationship up or to settle a dispute and ended up losing his life. Not to say that every argument in your household will end in fatality, but you get what I'm saying.

Why do you think the most successful athletes are NOT married?? Or better yet, why does their success preclude their marriage?? It's because as an athlete, you're so used to putting all of your effort into your trade (or I hope so), that at the end of the day, there really might not be anything left to put into a relationship. Kids might make the relationship more tame, but they still can't sweep inherent problems with the relationship under the rug. Athletes, get your situation squared away before you commit to someone else, especially if your maturity off the field pales in comparison to that on the field. Having an unstable partner behind you is worse than not having anyone behind you. I'm sure Tiger's plight spells it out perfectly for you...

Iron Man 2

Somehow, someway, I WILL see this movie in IMAX. Anything less would be shortchanging the movie. In addition to adding Don Cheadle to the cast to replace Terrence Howard as War Machine (worst decision EVER), the directors put on Mickey Rourke as Whiplash. From the trailer, this looks like it's going to be another maelstrom of special effects, great storyline and, of course, Robert Downey Jr. Downey did a great job portraying the embattled Tony Starks, bringing his own wit to the character, and I expect more of the same. Iron Man 2 comes out in May. My inner 7-year-old is lining up as we speak...

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Rocket Launchers Mounted on a Motorcycle??

Beyond Mad Max Halloween costumes and new episodes of Jackass, I can't think of any conceivable civilian use for this. That said, you have to admit the idea is dope, even if the ammunition is just bottle rockets. Where and why you would ever use a motorcycle with rocket launchers is beyond me. I suppose when you like weapons and motor vehicles, the next step is to meld the two. Then again, I think the only place where one can get away with this legally is the military. Homeboy who made this clearly didn't get the memo, and now has something that GI Joes and 7-year-old boys all over the world dream about...

Office X-Mas Party Gone Terribly Wrong

Everyone has THAT friend (or co-worker in this case). You know. The one who can't hold their liquor and suddenly becomes the love child of Rush Limbaugh and Kurt Cobain; inebriated and outspoken. This video is like a public service announcement to those people, as well as the friends who let them dip a little too far into the deep end of the liquor pool. This holidays, don't let a few too many drinks on Christmas Eve turn into a CRAPPY New Year. Be safe, friends...

Dear Facebook


Wow, oh great book of faces. It's been almost 5 years since I was a lowly high school student getting invited onto the greatest social network ever, by a college student. In those 5 years, I've seen you grow from Myspace's college-educated brother to an opiate for the masses only comparable to heroin. Obviously, since I've moved on to Twitter, you've taken somewhat of a backburner. However, stalking on your network (everyone does it; I'm not afraid to admit it) is still a highlight of my day. That brings me to my point.

When you unraveled your new privacy settings, I thought to myself: So? Since Facebook started, it's been no secret that privacy was going to be of utmost concern. No on wants those drunken pictures from the weekend, or that message/wall post that they weren't supposed to send to end up a laughingstock. It's good that you guys finally decided to simplify and make your privacy settings better. That said, why was it ever NOT a priority? I suppose at the growth stage you're at, it's all about tightening up the ship. But that's not even my point.

When it comes to privacy, the responsibility should lie with the user first and above all. Facebook, you're a company first; a business, not a social network. You're resolve is to make money through social networking, no matter how nasty the results. If as a Facebook user you know you took some less than flattering pictures this weekend, then UNTAG THEM! If you don't want everyone seeing your profile, limit that thing! If you don't like pokes, disable them! The problem with you, Facebook, is that you've made put of our dirty laundry into nice blue boxes, so that people forget that it's the internet, and NOTHING is safe. Yet and still, people continue to lose their jobs, friends and dignity off of internet stupidity. It's like the person who buys an untrained rotweiller and then is surprised when it bites someone's hand off. Facebook, you've tightened your end of the bargain in terms of privacy. Now it's time for the users to do their part...

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Your Year-End Letter

Not that I'm misanthropic (I'm a social introvert, according to AKZionz), but I know I'm not the only one on this planet who balks at some of the random social gestures we extend during the holidays. This song is all about those little niceties that everyone accepts, but no one remembers. I'm all for catching up with old friends, but getting a Christmas form letter or one of those family photos from random acquaintances seems pointless to me. Why waste your ink and money, and my reading time over something you could have told me over the phone??

Outasight - Further (LP)


Outasight – Further (Free LP)

If you are looking for a strictly hip-hop mixtape or just lyrics, please STOP HERE. Outasight is not a rapper or a singer, though he raps and sings. At this juncture of music, it's impossible to classify an act like Outasight. He draws from entirely too many facets of music to be placed in a box. Whether it's rock, R&B, rap, funk, folk, or electronic, Outasight touches all of them. The man is a MUSICIAN. I'd rather compare this to a Pharrell compilation than to any rap release. In terms of lyrics (if you're still interested in that), OU is like a blur. His lyrics are so slick that if you go for a drink in between songs, you're liable to miss a snippet of sonic mastery. I don't say this about any artist because, quite frankly, most artists wouldn't know their way around live music if they were already in a concert. Outasight is simply amazing. The LP 'Further' is a step towards a genre-free existence in music, and should be heard. Check the tracklist (back cover), my picks, and of course, some videos...

PS. Outasight is yet ANOTHER Notherground artist that's really hitting hard. Make sure you check out him, 6th Sense, The Kid Daytona, and Harlem's Cash out...


Cream of the Crop:
Catch Me if You Can
Don't Say Anything
Brand New Day
Downtown in My Mind
Stranger than Fiction

Cream of the Crap:
Everyone Gets Laid (weird concept; I don't think he pulled it off well)

Rockie Fresh - Rockie's Modern Life


Rockie Fresh - Rockie's Modern Life

When people talk about the evolution of hip-hop, they always say that today's artists are vapid and don't rap about anything. What most of them fail to realize is that hip-hop is cyclical, and that hip-hop hasn't had long enough a history for most people to see that. That said, like the late 1980's, hip-hop is coming back around to lyrical wordplay and having fun. Acts like The Cool Kids, Pac Div, Curren$y, Drake, (insert rest of XXL Freshman 10 here), and now, Rockie Fresh are where the music is heading.

Rockie hails from Chicago (quickly becoming my 2nd favorite hip-hop city), is a private school graduate, and like his statesmen Lupe, Common & Add-2 (we will get on him later, seriously), he has SKILLS. Dude is a wordplay monster. On this mixtape, Rockie's Modern Life, he has punchline after punchline after punchline. It actually doesn't stop. I waited, seriously. And Rockie didn't disappoint. The one thing I can say about Rockie, though, is that he has a serious love affair with talking about how fly he is. Though that's the trend, it's good to see versatility. Overall, Rockie looks like he might be one of the next to blow. The mixtape doesn't have a lot of weak tracks, and keeps you listening. Check the tracklist (back cover), my picks, and some videos after the jump...


Cream of the Crop:
New Chapter
Rockie Go Get Um
Do the Dance
Gone (Interlude) - (He goes IN on the industry)
Rockie Fresh
Fire Bed

Cream of the Crap:
Get on the Floor (didn't like the beat)
I'm Fly (good lyrics, but a played out concept)

Neighborhood Newletter (12/15)

If that isn't America, I don't know what is...

The 15 Worst Christmas Movies Ever

Microsoft Blatantly Steals From Startup?

Gang Made Millions in Biggest-Ever eBay Fraud

Marijuana Legalization Initiative Headed For 2010 Ballot

Stem cells 'reverse' MS in Canberra man

Somali Man Stoned To Death For Adultery

Chinese Farmers Sell Blood To Make Ends Meet

10 Biggest White Collar Crimes In History

Dear Chris Brown

A lot of people read my Rihanna letter and got the idea that I'm somehow a proponent of domestic violence (even though I stated my disdain for it numerous times). This time, it's Chris' turn to hear somethings about himself...

Larry King was not a fluke, Chris' vocabulary is elementary at best...

Chris, Chris, Chris. It was really really hard trying to show the world the other side of your story once Rihanna started singing like the bird she is (there's my one and only shot). That said, I think you took the high road by trying to keep the situation between the two of you. You've taken steps to remedy your affinity for violence, tried to clear your name as best you could, and have started making music again. Now begins the hard part. When you took to Twitter to start airing out your grievances about the ills of pushing an album as a felon, you pretty much showed everyone that this had REALLY gotten to you. I can't help but think what you're going through sucks, but therein lies the problem.

Chris, you laid your hands on a woman. And hurt her, badly. Truth be told, you could probably be in jail right now. Thanks to the celebrity card, you got of with a slap on the wrists. After that, you will not have ANYTHING handed to you. The music stores are well within their rights to bar your album from selling, and there is really nothing you can do about it. Being painted with a domestic violence charge as a musician is like wearing a scarlett letter in the colonial U.S. NOBODY IS ON YOUR SIDE, CHRIS. Or at least no one that wasn't there before. The industry doesn't owe you anything (especially not right now), and you know this. Ranting on Twitter never helped anyone, and sure as hell isn't going to help you either, so I suppose it's good you deleted it.

What you need to do is keep grinding (I'm starting to hate that term; everyone uses it when they really aren't doing anything). Get on the road and tour your Michael Jackson-impersonating behind off. Stop referencing Rihanna, stop answering questions about it and get to work. This whole situation is old, Chris. 'Do it like Kobe' should be your motto for 2010. Hell, you could Twitter that...

Monday, December 14, 2009

No Blackberries in the Oval Office

Do you want to know why Barack Obama is going to go down as one of the greatest Presidents ever? CHANGE. Yeah, that's cliche, but change (when it's done right) is something internal and external. Politically, it starts with the leaders, and even something as small as not allowing Blackberries in cabinet meetings, is a step in the right direction. If not one less thing to worry about distracting you during the day, it means during meetings there is undivided attention to the meeting and the issues at hand. Now if only we could bring every other free civilian on the planet to do the same with their Blackberries...

Lloyd - Like Me: The Young Goldie EP


Lloyd - Like Me: The Young Goldie EP

I always love music with a funny title. Lloyd's new work is called Like Me: The Young Goldie EP. I don't know if he's the Young Goldie or what the Young Goldie is, but whatever it is, it's got some good music under it. Lloyd's always been an underdog hitmaker, and I suppose he's trying to pull a Trey Songz by releasing some free ish to prep people for a new album. Lloyd drips his silky-smooth vocals over some electronic beats but also slows it down for some of the tracks. He has a lot of features on the EP too. All of the tracks are strong, but honestly, this thing is way too short (not to mention the last track is off of So Far Gone). It feels rushed. If he'd put 3 more songs on it, I'd probably be bumping it for weeks. Even so, this EP has some replay value. Check the tracklist, my picks, some leaks and videos...

1. Like Me featuring Bun-B
2. Pusha featuring Lil Wayne & Juelz Santana
3. Take It Off ft. J. Holiday & Nicki Minaj
4. What You Want feat. Mack Maine
5. Think of Me
6. Everyday featuring Richboy
7. Pro In the Game
8. A Night Off featuring Drake (Bonus Track)

Cream of the Crop:
Think of Me
Pro in the Game

Cream of the Crap:
What You Want (Lloyd goes in, but Mack Maine ruins the track)

Lloyd ft. Rich Boy - Everyday
Lloyd ft. Bun B - Like Me
Lloyd - Shes Holding Out (Prod. by Dallas Austin)

Murder: A Laughing Matter??

Maybe you don't pay attention to little stuff like this, but I have a tag for some posts called 'The Demise of Humanity'. It deals with things signaling *gasp* the demise of humanity. This video is probably the trailer for the next apocalyptic movie coming out. I'm sure you've all laughed at some kind of death, but to regale oneself while informing others on a professional platform is ridiculous. Hopefully her death doesn't end up the butt of a joke. I hope Karma watches the news...

The Mailing List: December 2009 (#4)

4. Normalcy - Charles Hamilton


This past year, Charles Hamilton showed us what can happen when bad public relations and bad public relationships come together. The punch heard 'round the world derailed what was seeming like a nice career in the making. Match that with a lackluster first album and Sonic the Hedgehog got dropped like a bad habit from his label. However, as you can see from the picture, Charles Hamilton is back. The man has a new project in the works called 'Normalcy'. Lord knows he needs some of that after a hell of a year (not in the good sense). Check out some of the leaks and a video from the mixtape, which drops this week, and keep it locked to Dear Whoever for the release...

Charles Hamilton - Air Agains

Charles Hamilton – Loserville

Charles Hamilton – Charles Hamilton is Back

Dear Apple


via the New York Times:
Two titans of the tech world, Google and Apple, may soon be engaged in hand-to-hand combat. Or, more precisely, handset-to-handset combat.

Google plans to begin selling its own smartphone early next year, company employees say, a move that could challenge Apple’s leadership in one of the fastest-growing and most important technologies in decades.

Google’s new touch-screen Android phone, which it began giving to many employees to test last week, could also shake up the fundamentals of the cellphone market in the United States, where most phones work only on the networks of the wireless carriers that sold them.

The company, using the power of its brand, plans to market and sell the new phone directly to consumers over the Internet, and buyers would be able to sign up for service from any compatible provider, the employees say.

They say that every dog has its day. Apple, it's been your day forever. Everyone listens to music on iPods, calls their friends on iPhones, use Mac computers and live the iLife. That said, what is the one program that everyone uses?? What one name seems to stand side by side with you guys in the technological arena? What name is synonymous with the simplicity and functionality that you guys have? You guessed it: Google. With news that Google is coming out with their own phone, which will run their proprietary software, the smartphone playing field is looking less tilted in your favor, Apple. First of all, this phone will be able to be on any network, not just AT&T, like you guys. For everyone who didn't get an iPhone because of AT&T's terrible prices and even worse service (like me), that's a good look.

Also, having the Google name on the phone is better than cosigns from Jay-Z, Don Cannon and DJ Drama on the same mixtape. Think about it. Everyone has a G-Mail, uses Youtube, uses Google Docs, uses Google Maps, reads Google News, is Google Waving, Google Reading blogs, and not to mention Google Scholar, Google Books, Google Shopping and Google Translating. Come to think of it, if we're not doing something with Apple, it's with Google. You guys might want to look into just forming a mega-conglomeration and taking over the world. We all know it's happening some time. Might as well make it with the two companies everyone uses...

Friday, December 11, 2009

Neighborhood Newletter (12/11)

My feelings exactly...

The 25 Coolest Sneaker Designs of 2009

What if the Internet breaks?

U.S. in red for 14th straight month

What Not To Do In Paris: The Top Five Tourist Mistakes

Intolerance in China: Christian Mega-Church Wrecked & Closed

Five Things the U.S. Can Learn from China

Nigeria Dethroned: Brazil Reigns as World's Spam Capital

Mom kidnaps pregnant woman, tries to cut baby from womb