Monday, November 30, 2009

Neighborhood Newsletter (11/30)

How the geniuses running Harvard pissed away $1.8B in cash

Meat grown in laboratory in world first

Skin Implant Effectively Destroys Cancerous Tumors in Mice

Most Americans Prefer 'Merry Christmas' To 'Happy Holidays'

10 surprising reasons why sex is good for you

MIT analysis backs Obama Health Care Reform

How to Un-Google Yourself

Men and women 'respond differently to danger'

Friday, November 27, 2009

Freestyle Friday (11/27)

Guys, sorry this post took so long. I've been busy all day, but you know what time it is. Freestyle Friday and I hope you guys left room from Turkey Day. The first one is from Wiz Khalifa and the second one is from Ludacris. Honestly, there's not much to say about either of these, than that they are FIRE. I know you heard the Turnt Up beat from the Lupe Fiasco mixtape and if you've been paying attention, Wiz Khalifa has become your favorite rapper's favorite rapper. Check these two joints out and keep it locked to Dear Whoever...

Dear Black Friday

No amount of savings should incite this...

It's really sad that I have to write a letter about an 'unofficial holiday', especially since the holiday is riddled in materialism and greed. Let's not even get into the fact that the term Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving. You remember.. The day we were supposed to be THANKFUL for everything that we DO have. The irony there is priceless. But Black Friday, you really are like the crack pipe sitting outside of rehab, just waiting to lure us from our new (one day old) sense of thankfulness and appreciation.

You're pretty much a corporate creation, too. Since the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade started in 1924, the day after Turkey Day has always been considered the official start to the Christmas (or Hanukkah or Kwanzaa or whatever) season. It's only in 1960, at the rise of advertising (watch Mad Men, people), that companies were trying to bring their sales up for the Holidays, and coined the term 'Black Friday'. They lowered prices, had special promotions and 'midnight doorbusters' to drive people into thinking that they were gaining something out of spending their money. And look what that turned into.

People getting trampled at Walmart?? Plummeting credit scores?? Increased traffic and accidents?? And the best part of all, big companies raking in the cash because heads are too jaded to see how silly it is. You see, the whole idea of Black Friday wouldn't really be that bad if the result wasn't so ridiculous. Why rush into Walmart at 5 AM to save $300 on a TV, when the TV is going to be cheaper 6 months later? Why buy that new blouse at 50% off, when after the 'festivities' you won't be able to fit it anymore? Black Friday, you destroy our wallets for instant gratification. You make people forget that they don't need 'things' to be happy. Like I said, it's unbelievably ironic that Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving...

Thursday, November 26, 2009

LA Gears Return


If you didn't have a pair of LA Gears as a child, I pity you. These made it cool to just run around the in the dark, playing tag. At the same time, no matter how you tried to hit the bottoms with your hands, you couldn't get them to light up. It's things like these that I hope to carry into my adulthood, and now you can too. They come out on December 12th, and along with the original colorway, they have a few colors that are only for acquired tastes. Check the 2009 version of the LA Gear...







Lupe Fiasco - Enemy of the State: A Love Story


Lupe Fiasco - Enemy of the State: A Love Affair

Honestly, I was feeling some type of way about Lupe a few months ago. Dude had released a song for the New Moon soundtrack, resulting in a resounding 'Huh?' on my part. I thought the man had gone mad. I thought the Lupe I'd lost amid weird wardrobe decisions and an utter disappearance on his part, was ACTUALLY gone. He looked ready to retire, but as you can see, that's not the case. Lupe is back, and he is simply the best. Metaphors. CHECK. Punchlines. CHECK. Flow. CHECK. Lyrics. CHECK. I cannot put it more simply. Get this mixtape. I'm not even putting any videos or loosies or even my picks for this 'Enemy of the State' (just the tracklist and . There are no weak songs. The mixtape is perfect and again, Lupe is back. Download now.

1 Intro
2 The National Anthem (Radiohead)
3 Turnt Up (Travis Porter)
4 Fireman (Yoga Flame) (Lil Wayne)
5 L.A.S.E.R.S. Manifesto Interlude
6 Angels (rmx) (Dirty Money)
7 So Ghetto (Jay-Z)
8 Say Something (Timabaland)
9 Thank You (Jay-Z)
10 The One (Slaughterhouse)
11 Popular Demand (Clipse)

Dear Republican Party

PREFACE: If you are Conservative, please take a chill pill and this article with a grain of salt. You know some of this stuff is true...

Wow is all I can say Grand Old Party. Wow. To me, this is hilarious. To you, however this should be a serious sign. Sarah Palin was the hand-chosen Vice Presidential candidate for your party, and was even getting consideration for running for the Presidency next year. Her presence was a serious force in the race and even looked like it would change the election, because of her sheer number of supporters. And (gut-busting laughter) these are the supporters who thought Palin would turn America around?

Good lord! If it weren't on Youtube, I'd swear these people were from 1979, not 2009. This just goes to show that the conservative movement, and most notably the Republican Party, are backed by some pretty ass-backwards people. No wonder Bush can't say 'nuclear' correctly and Dick Cheney can't hold on to his gun. The people supporting the former regime of this country are just as uninformed and ignorant as the people who were running it. GOP, it's one thing for a supporter to not be informed on all of the issues, but to not know why you support someone is detestable. Following a cloud of ideology blindly just because you're too lazy to learn is plain, unpatriotic. For a party that prides itself on tradition, I think the founding fathers that you quote so often would give you the side-eye.

To those Republicans at Palin's book signing, she is an idol, a celebrity, not a politician. I pray that you realize how foolish you look. Lord knows the country doesn't need a population full of half idiots...

Sesame Street vs. Bill O'Reilly

Just when I thought Sesame Street couldn't be cooler, it became the coolest show ever. My hatred of Bill O'Reilly is no secret, but I could suspend my vendetta to check out Sesame Street more or less make fun of TV shows much like his. Even better, was that they called their news station POX News. Spill O'Reilly sounds pretty conservative if I do say so myself. I can't say I agree with subconscious liberal messages, but when they're leaning liberal and still educating kids, can you really complain??

The Mailing List: November 2009 (#3)

3. Thanksgiving

Ahh, if only political cartoonists ran the world...

Thanksgiving. Turkey Day. Everybody knows and loves it. Who can resist a mouthwatering helping of turkey, gravy, stuffing, biscuits, ham or whatever other fauna line your table on the third Thursday in December? I know I can't. But Thanksgiving is so much more profound than what we give it. For one, it was one of the first peaceful contacts between the Native Americans and the 'Pilgrims'. While we can wax philosophical about the happenings, we all know what happened in the end. Native Americans ended up in reservations and casinos and the rest is history. If you can't understand that significance, then off yourself.

We give thanks for every inane pleasure we take in life, not understanding that the foundation of our country is built on bloodshed. Whether the blood of Native Americans, slaves, Brits, Mexicans or whoever, America has more blood on it's hands than Tom Hanks in Castaway when he found Wilson. But it's always going to be cool as long as we have our stuffing and our football. Friends, while you're stuffing your piehole today, remember to give thanks for your sovereignty and your ability to make choices for yourselves. Remember that every Thanksgiving after the first one, the Pilgrims were thanking God for a freshly scalped Injun, not the bountiful harvest that those Injuns had bestowed upon the Pilgrims years before. Remember that life is more precious than gold, and that we should be thankful for it every day, not just Thanksgiving. That's not some 3rd grade paper (I actually did write that paper), that's some real shit.

For everything you have, for everything you don't have to deal with, all the BS and drama you've gotten through, everything you COULD have, and all the potential you have (everyone has it, nearly no one uses all of it), you should be thankful. So today, as @akzionz would say, 'give thanks'...

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dear Bishop Tobin

Church and state have never been so far apart, cynically, that is. Bishop, since when is one's political stance grounds to expel them from a rite handed down from God? I've never written a letter going up against a religious figure, but this needed to be done. It's no wonder the Catholic Church is the most made-fun of entity in the world. From ideologies more rooted in tradition than understanding, to a wide-reaching influence that serves for intellectual recession than progression, I've always thought the Catholic church had a bit too much power for it's own good. That's why this kind of issue only serves to make the Church look bad. Bishop Tobin, you seem to have this penchant for allowing your own political (aka spiritual) ideologies to cloud your judgment, especially when it comes to things that really aren't your business. To you, and all abortion opponents for that matter, why is it your business what a woman does to her body? Better yet, why should it be the government's job to say what a woman does to her body? Or even better than that, why is it your prerogative to judge Representative Patrick Kennedy's views on abortion?

First of all, it's not your job to judge anyone. Christianity's ultimate judge is God. You, Bishop Tobin are there solely to administer the word of God to others. Secondly, I realize that this is the inherent problem with America today. People are way too comfortable with allowing church (or state, for that matter) legislate their tastes. Whether it's a stance on marijuana, gay rights or abortion rights, someone is always trying to tell you what to do. Is this not the land of the free? Bishop Tobin, you should not be involved in the fate of any woman's womb but those interested in allowing you that liberty. Nor should you be meddling in political affairs. It's funny that you can concern yourself with politics only when it suits your own beliefs. I suppose that's the flaw of politics and religion, too...

Monday, November 23, 2009

The Mailing List: November 2009 (#4)

4. Deal or No Deal - Wiz Khalifa


Wiz Khalifa has shot up my list of rappers to watch out for next year. If not because of his lyrical prowess and penchant for catchy ad-libs, then simply out of respect for his never-ending grind. Dude had a summer second to only Curren$y (and maybe Wale), dropping off 'How Fly' (with Curren$y), his two mixtapes 'Flight School' and 'Burn After Rolling', and now his first album, 'Deal or No Deal'. I wish Wiz had dropped more than interviews talking about this album, because I honestly think he's going to storm the hip-hop game with this one. Lately, I've been listening to a lot of Wiz, and his lyrics have gotten more and more subtle. In a state of hip-hop where we laud the obvious, Sesame Street lyrics of Wayne and Gucci (sorry Gucci Mane stans, but you know shit is true sometimes), we rarely sit back and try to listen for the way harder to catch lyrics. Wiz is one of the MC's spearheading the movement. His new album, 'Deal or No Deal' drops TOMORROW. That's not a lot of time, so you should definitely check these videos out and get an idea as to what the Wiz has cooking up this time around...

Emilio Rojas - The Natural


The Natural - Emilio Rojas

I've always been iffy on Latino MC's. Of course there are the greats like Big Pun, Cuban Linx, Peedi Crack (check him out!!) and Immortal Technique, but at the same time, there are heads like Pit Bull and Fat Joe that will never measure up (IN MY OPINION). Emilio Rojas is looking like he's going to change my opinion if he keeps dropping piff like this. Emilio hails from Brooklyn (all my Brooklyn heads, get your 2 cents in now) and already has a mixtape under his belt. He's been using the internet as a means to step his publicity up (who hasn't in the past 2 years?), and honestly I don't know why he needed it in the first place. Emilio has social commentary for days in his raps, speaking on his struggles as a young man, as well as the ills of being Latino in today's world. He's also a gifted lyricist. At times, it feels like he's spitting spoken word, but when you add up his voice and the beat, the equation couldn't be clearer: EMILIO IS A MONSTER!! He doesn't have hidden agendas or any reggaeton fluff to add on like NORE, and the Green Lantern cosign on this mixtape is as good as gold. Oh yeah, and the production is sooooooooo professional (I judge mixtapes based on this, too), with no bullshit tags or background white noise. While I didn't dig each and every track on 'The Natural', there weren't any weak songs on it. Emilio did a good job in staying in a lane and whipping the fuck out of that lane. Check out 'The Natural' and make sure you check the tracklist, my picks, some loosies, and videos for your viewing pleasure. Happy Music Monday, to all my Twitter fam...


Cream of the Crop:
Only Just Begun
Bold & Arrogant
Breaking Me Down

Cream of the Crap:
NONE (this mixtape had no weak links)

Emilio Rojas – Piano Bounce
Emilio Rojas – Let’s Go (prod. IMAKEMADBEATS)

Friday, November 20, 2009

Neighborhood Newsletter (11/21)

I'm a math atheist as well...

Teaching of evolution to become mandatory in England

Intel: Chips in brains will control computers by 2020

How to end world hunger

US Army responsible for New Orleans floods

Couple Busted for Refusing to Pay Tip

Black Friday 2009 countdown: Sales, deals and tips

No Dope: Ft. Lauderdale Man to Smoke 115,000th Joint

How to truly annoy and upset people

Freestyle Friday (11/20)

What up people?? It's Friday, which means nothing more than FREESTYLES. Today we have two (sometimes one) of my favorite up-and-comers Wale and J. Cole having a cypher at a Denny's of all places. Minus the irony of two black rappers freestyling at Denny's, this was pretty good. Of course Wale uses his trademark flow, and you know J. Cole destroys it. The second one is from Emilio Rojas and Donnis. I wasn't familiar with Emilio, so this was a dope introduction. I'm downloading his mixtape 'The Natural' as we speak. Donnis does his thing on the cypher too. Check both of these out, and keep it locked to Dear Whoever...

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Youth of the Nation

When I came to college, this is what I imagined. Instead of the vapid party and drinking scene I've grown accustomed to, I expected to find a mecca of learning and inspiration. Call it naivety, but my idea of what education should be has always been above and beyond what it was. I'm sure I'm not the only one out there either feeling like this. The ignorance of my peers was ultimately the straw that broke my camel's back in terms of my faith in education. That's why this video makes me smile for so much. All of the time, I hear adults chastise my generation because 'we don't stand for anything.' Now here we are protesting for our rights as students?? AND we got footage of it on Youtube?? Kudos UCLA. We can only hope that the rest of the nation's youth can make statements like that. Take THAT, Baby Boomers and Generation Y'ers!!

PS: I completely forgot to tell you what the video is of!! The students at UCLA were fed up with a 32% tuition increase and decided to protest. As you can see they got pretty heated and when the smoke cleared, there were 14 arrest and a student tasered (you know campus police did that shit). It's so nice to see students speak out and GET HEARD. Hopefully they lower that tuition...

Black on White

Many of you guys have probably heard of, or read the book Black Like Me (step your citation game up), written in 1959 by John Howard Griffin, where the author ingests pigment-altering pills to change his skin from white to black. The author then takes a hitch-hiking trip through the deep South, chronicling his experiences in a journal along the way. Fast forward to 2009 in Germany, where famous undercover journalist G√ľnter Wallraff does essentially the same experiment, this time with a hidden camera and a horrible curly wig. If you can look past how bad of a black man Wallraff looks like, you'll see the genius in the documentary. Wallraff does normal things like apply for an apartment, or just walk around a predominantly white neighborhood, and experiences casual racism every place he goes. For those of you that think racism stops in the U.S., think again. Check the videos out and keep it locked to Dear Whoever...

Harlem's Cash - Cashifornication


Harlem's Cash - Cashifornication

When the radio gets boring, its always good to be introduced to new artists. I first heard Harlem's Cash on Outasight's group cut with The Kid Daytona and 6th Sense 2-0-0-9 (which is one of the best songs I've heard all year, trust). He's come out with a couple of mixtapes, but none of them feel as complete or as promising as Cashifornication. Cash's flow seems effortless at times, evidenced by the numerous laughs, free-flowing ad-libs and otherwise fun and joy shown on his part. You can tell that the lyricism aspect of this man's game has been finely tuned, so he's just having fun at this point. Don't get it twisted though. On wax, Harlem's Cash is all business. Yes, you can hear the fun, but you can also hear the passion and the hunger in his delivery.

Cash has been out grinding for a few years now and he's ready to blow (pause). Lyrically, he's above and beyond most of the up-and-comers he's classified with. He has punchlines for days and quick metaphors for you people who like listening to tracks more than once. I'm not going to say this was a masterpiece of a mixtape, because the true status of a work can only be seen once the smoke clears, but it's pretty damn close. His beat selection was a little suspect, as he used 'Ignorant Shit', 'Fear' and 'Forever' (who hasn't gone on these?). He still rips them all though, so it's cool. Newsflash people: Harlem's Cash is a beast. I HIGHLY suggest you download this. Just think of it as an early X-Mas present for your ears. Check the link, my picks, loosies, and videos after the jump...

Cream of the Crop:
Real Rap, Real Talk
Stank You
Ground Level
City on My Spine

Cream of the Crap:
Ghost Joint (didn't like the beat selection)

6th Sense feat. The Kid Daytona, Outasight & Harlem’s Cash - 2-0-0-9
Harlem’s Cash – Real, Rap, Real Talk
Harlem’s Cash – Thank You f. Tanya
Harlem’s Cash – Ground Level

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

When celebrations on ice go wrong...

Every hockey player on earth is making a vow right now to stay on his feet from now on. This dude just gave every high school physics class in America materials for days. You could blame his own ignorance, but it's much easier to peg whoever manufactured that window for the accident. I suppose now that we know the player is okay it's cool to laugh now. Laugh away...

Skullcandy NBA Series Headphones


Remember the days when EVERYONE had something NBA-themed? Whether it was stationary, clothes (I know some of you dudes had the jeans with team logos on it), haircuts, or even their name, the NBA has been able to infiltrate our personal lives in the weirdest way. Luckily this isn't one of them. Skullcandy headphones have been the 'it' item in terms of audio technology and now they've been NBA-ized (making up words that don't roll off the tongue sucks). Of course they have all of your favorite players (and none of mine), but I can bet anybody that by the time these drop on December 10th, at least 50% of the NBA will have a pair of these. And at $50 you can have them too. Check out more colorways the new Skullcandy headphones that every music-loving NBA fan will have this Christmas...




Whatever U Want (Remix) - Consequence, Kanye West, KiD CuDi, Big Sean & Common


Whatever U Want (Remix) - Consequence, Kanye West, KiD CuDi, Big Sean, Common & John Legend

Sometimes I think Kanye and GOOD Music just like to mess with their fans. Otherwise, they wouldn't make us wait this long between features. If you remember 2006, then you should remember the song "Grammy Family" as one of the first introductions of Consequence. He's certainly improved, and having this roster on your debut single doesn't hurt either. Check out the remix for 'Whatever U Want' and throw it back to '06 with the video for 'Grammy Family'...

Neighborhood Newsletter (11/18)


Verizon to AT&T: The truth hurts

Miss Universe Contestants in Three-Way Sex Tape

2009 breaks Army record for soldier suicides, up over a dozen from 2008

Women banned from wearing trousers in Paris

Five Painless Ways to Cut Expenses

7 Reasons to Skip the Fast Food Drive-Thru

No Surprise: Coed Dorms Fuel Sex and Drinking

Study: 40% of U.S. May Be Obese by 2018

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Who plays video Pac-Man anymore??

Alas, today I didn't find some amazing new-fangled technology to preview 3 years in advance. Today, we have some rather old technology being used in new, fun ways. Everyone has played Pac-Man at some point in their life (if you haven't please go to an arcade after finishing this video). Not many people can say they've played in in real life using Roomba vacuums with internal modifications. Check out what techies do when they're bored...

Dear Beyonce

Yesterday, or the day before (my days have been melding together as of late) I had a conversation with a younger female cousin. I asked her who she looks up to as a girl. And before she said Michelle Obama or someone with a veritable impact on humanity, she dropped your name, Ms. Knowles. Now, I'm nowhere near entrenched in a lifestyle that would include you as a regularly-scheduled spot on my iTunes playlist or in my thinking, but I suppose I can see your appeal. Young black girls see a woman who is in charge of her money, her legacy and her sexuality and are attracted to that. They hear catchy tunes and nice beats and automatically want to be like Beyonce, much in the same way that a young me idolized Michael Jordan.

That said, Bey, what's with your videos and your whole image as of late? If Jay is becoming a watered-down version of his former self, then you've become the sexed-up, shallow, soul-less, OVEREXPOSED counterpart that the man needs. They say sex sells, but at this point, what more do you have to offer? If you ask anyone (who isn't a die-hard Beyonce stan) what you stand for or where you stand on any pressing issue, I'm sure you'll draw more blanks than asking what how many amendments there have been or what America's capital was before D.C. In what UNIVERSE is that cool? Beyonce, to me, you've become a vapid shell of what black girls should look up to. I feel like you've taken any sort of positive ideology that could be derived from your likeness, and shrouded it in partial-nudity and catchy, pointless tunes. Where's the balance? Not saying you have to be all dreadlocked-out, using chew sticks and lobbying for environmental aid in Kosovo, but you seem empty. Yeah, we know, you do charity work. But in this day and age, as a celebrity (especially on such a global scale), you have a responsibility to go above and beyond the call of moral and intrinsic duty. Beyonce, you're a role model. Stop allowing Hollywood to Photoshop out your soul...

Monday, November 16, 2009

Dear Rappers

The irony is priceless here...

via Reuters:
Rapper Gucci Mane has been sentenced to 12 months in jail for probation violation.

The sentence was handed down Thursday (November 12), according to the performer's lawyer.

Mane pled guilty to assault in 2005 for attacking a nightclub promoter. Last September, he was sentenced to a year in jail for failing to fulfill his court-ordered 600 hours of community service. He was incarcerated until March.

To me, this letter shouldn't have to be written. But the past few years in terms of high-profile incarcerations have been unbelievable. It's like the early 2000's when shootings and getting shot were the cool thing to do. Prison automatically gives you credibility and pretty much assures you that about 200 hood folk will be printing your name and picture on a t-shirt saying 'FREE (insert rapper here)'.

That being said, why is that a good thing? Let's say for all intents and purposes, that as a rapper living a 'gangster' or 'hood' (sounds weird typing it, doesn't it?) lifestyle adds to your appeal. Wouldn't you want to be a good rapper, and NOT go to jail? I mean, rappers, for God's sake, some of you guys are going to prison for the dumbest reasons. If it isn't Wayne tossing a Gucci bag with a gun in it off his tour bus, then it's Remy Ma beating some chick up at a club. If it's not Prodigy, it's Mystikal. If it's not T.I., it's Gucci Mane or Tony Yayo or City Spud or B.G. Seriously, rappers, get your business together. What kind of message does this send about hip-hop? That we're a genre full of jail birds? (dumb rapper voice) Oh it's okay to go to jail if you're a rapper. You can just cut a deal, do community service and release music right after I get out (/dumb rapper voice). There's so much wrong with that mode of thinking, yet we subscribe to it when we buy your albums and wear 'Free Yayo' t-shirts.

Newsflash. Jail isn't cool!! Neither is what comes with it. We were all fooled when we saw Gucci Mane in this PSA. He's learning a valuable lesson now though: parole is no joke, especially when you rap about openly selling drugs...

The Dutch Set the World Domino Record

Only the Dutch (cough cough) could come up with something so trivial, yet so cool to look at. It took 4,345,027 dominoes and about two hours to complete. This might not be prime time television, but it's something to remember. Besides, what's life without delving into the pointless from time to time. Thoreau said that 'There is an incessant influx of novelty into the world, and yet we tolerate incredible dullness'. Check out every domino ever in the world falling and remember to knock down your dullness, people...

Clipse ft. Cam'ron & Pharrell - Popular Demand 'Popeyes'

Now, why hasn't Till the Casket Drops dropped yet? Your guess is as good as mine, yet somehow I think even with the pushbacks and leaks, the album is going to be immaculate. The Clipse and Pharrell have plaques and hundreds of playbacks written all over them, so you know the wait might just be worth it. Either way, the video is great. Cam eating while rapping is priceless...

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Dear Marcus Jordan


via USA Today:
The University of Central Florida has lost its $3 million exclusive contract with adidas after basketball player Marcus Jordan's insisted on wearing his father, Michael's, Nike Air Jordans for the school's opening basketball game, the Orlando Sentinel reports.

While the rest of the team wore their adidas shoes with black trademark stripes, Marcus Jordan laced up his pair of white Air Jordans Wednesday night, although he did add a pair of black ankle braces with the adidas logo prominent displayed.

Marcus, 18-year-old son of the NBA legend, says UCF had promised when recruiting him to the school that he could wear the famous Jordan brand.

People always want to say that nepotism is dead. But look at all of the dummies we have walking around, that only got on because their parents, uncles, cousins or siblings were famous for something. Sometimes that turns out well, like with Ken Griffey, Jr. But sometimes (more often than not), the relative taints the family's name like or fails to live up to their relative's legacy. Now in your case Marcus, you haven't had long enough of a career to warrant any sort of ill comparison to your father. Nor have you really (aside from having the DOPEST Jordan collection ever) gotten any favoritism because of who your father is. But at the same time, you're sure as hell reaping the benefits of it.

You mean to tell me that you're THAT attached to the sneakers of your namesake? You couldn't just rock adidas for games and save your university $3 million? Now, in your defense, adidas is probably making too big a deal about the whole situation. But to tell you the truth, why should you even contest it so hard? Yes, negro, we know you're Michael Jordan's son and you're playing college basketball (UCF is nowhere near UNC's level) and you feel entitled to wear your namesake on your feet. Grow up and stop trying to show off. You're a looooooong way from the NBA, much less the top of the NCAA, so at this point, you should probably be worrying more about your game than what sneakers you have on...

At least you got a few of your dad's genes...

Dear DJ Mbenga

DJ, it seems like every couple of weeks, you're on the wrong end of a dunk. This has me wondering: Why do you even jump anymore? The past couple of times have failed horrendously and all have HD-quality Youtube videos to give you a reminder of how badly the life of a 'shot-blocker' can be. Maybe you should learn how to dunk yourself. I'm sure this guy could give you a couple of tips:

Friday, November 13, 2009

Pac Div - Whiplash / Young Black Male

Pac Div is one of the few acts that has yet to disappoint me in any of their work. I don't know how they pull it off or why they're so consistent, but that speaks volumes as to how good of artists they are. They decided to combine 'Whiplash' and 'Young Black Male' for one video and do a good job of not confusing the viewer with a wild concept or a stupid plot. Check out their video and be on the lookout for more posts now that I have a computer...

Neighborhood Newsletter (11/13)


Fat in Japan? You're breaking the law.

Home prices fall in 8 out of 10 U.S. cities

Biofuels Breakthrough: Making Fuel From Air With Engineered Microbes

American Medical Association changes policy on Med marijuana

Fair play: Monkeys share our sense of injustice

Facebook Status Update Clears Teen From Criminal Charges

Fed Reserve bans most bank overdraft fees

Doctor used own sperm in patient, gets twins, keeps practice

Freestyle Friday (11/13)

Today's my first Freestyle Friday on my new computer, and I'm glad I could listen to both of these freestyles to christen this thing. Cory Gunz and Joell Ortiz need to be on your radar for next year. Both of these dudes went IN. Cory raps over 'Forever' and 'On to the Next One' and Joell raps over 'Brooklyn's Finest' (he should be up there soon). Do yourself a favor if you like lyrics...

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Best. Halloween. Costume. EVER

This kid must have gotten the most candy ever on a single Halloween. A costume like that needs to be an heirloom. I know it's a few weeks after All Hollow's Eve, but creativity and overall dopeness must be rewarded. My inner seven year old nearly passed out when he saw this and yours probably will too...

Harlem's Cash - Ground Level


Ground Level - Harlem's Cash

Harlem's Cash has a new mixtape coming out. It's called Cashifornia. If you like slick lyrics, please look no further. I haven't posted a lot of music up this month because I honestly haven't been feeling a lot of stuff coming right now. This track broke me out of a serious music funk. Check out Harlem's Cash spitting over Drake's 'Fear'...

Drake - Heartbreak Drake 3 (Leaks)


Drake – Scripture

Drake – Hurt

Drake – Play Ball f. Birdshit

Drake – Runaway Girl f. Colin Munroe (prod. Tha Bizness)

Drake, unlike a lot of artists, isn't afraid to experiment with his sound. If there's one thing I can say about all of these songs, it's that they don't sound like the Drake I started off on. He's using a lot of synth beats. I guess that feature on 'Off That' opened his ears up to the wonders of electronic as opposed to the softer sounding beats he had on Comeback Season. The feature with Colin Munroe is probably my favorite because of the vocals. And even Birdman manages not to mess up the track for Drizzy. Peep all four leaks and look out for Drake's 'Heartbreak Drake 3'...

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Dear Morehouse

Hope you guys aren't looking for a college education...

via The Maroon Tiger:
The policy outlines 11 expectations pertaining to what students should not wear while on campus. Instead of requiring certain articles of clothing, as a typical dress code would, the policy details those articles of clothing deemed unacceptable for students. Some of the expectations discussed in the policy include to prohibit wearing “sagging” pants, women’s clothing and headwear. The policy will be distributed to students electronically through TigerNet and the school website. The policy will also be outlined in the student handbook and discussed in Crown Forums for students.

Okay, so I'm a little late on this one (blame my lack of computer), but it still hits home all the more. Let's get this straight, oh prestigious black college: sagging pants is wrong. The sight of a young man's undergarments based on the lowness of his pants, jeans or what have you, is one of those things that elicits the wrong type of attention. Not only is your behind more prone to drafts (and other forces; my imprisoned brethren can tell you that), you get boxed into a category that few people want to be in, and the ones that are in, don't care: HOOD. To the average non-black person, sagging pants are more or less a flag that say 'CROSS THE STREET'. I can understand your concern at such things, Morehouse.

HOWEVER, Morehouse, where do you guys get off telling your students what they can and can't wear? To me, this is the age old voice of the past negro, telling the present negro that he can't be who he wants. The old guard is essentially trying to dictate the substance and understanding of the new guard. Morehouse, and more specifically President Michael Franklin, what is the last hip-hop record you've listened to? When is the last time you've talked to one of your students (who doesn't have his lips firmly planted on your backside)? Hell, when was the last time you even knew what was relevant in the lives of your students? Not that I'm denouncing your plea to make the black youth of America more workforce-ready, but at what cost does this come? It's like you're the Man, trying to whitewash the students into this 1950's-esque vision of collegiate life, where everyone is in bed by 11 and no boys are allowed in the girls dorms after dark. Get with the 20th century. College kids may not dress the way that you think they should, but does that discredit them as students? Does the learning not get into their heads as easily if they have sagging pants? I don't get it. Stop trying to get the 'black' and gay' out of your students. Legislating tastes and preference is the government's job (oops), not the education system's. Maybe if you weren't looking at college boys' butts (double oops) all the time, you'd know that...

Monday, November 9, 2009

Neighborhood Newsletter (11/9)


Sweeping Health Care Plan Passes House

Thinking Like A Cop: How to Catch a Liar

Are You Smarter Than A 1954 8th Grader?

Dead wrong: Man attends own funeral after mix-up over body's ID

Iverson on 'indefinite' leave from Grizzlies

Doctors sold baby after telling mother it was dead

Top Ten Reasons that Road Trips Rock

Private college presidents' pay rose 6.5% in 2008

Dear Larry Johnson

Get back to football.. You're tweeting too much

via USA Today:
The Kansas City Chiefs have cut RB Larry Johnson, one day after his suspension ended.

The move comes two weeks after Johnson belittled coach Todd Haley in a series of Twitter posts and used gay slurs with reporters in the team's locker room.

A two-time Pro Bowler, Johnson was second on the team's all-time rushing list with 6,090 yards. A group of fans had petitioned the team last week not to allow Johnson to gain the 75 yards he needed break the team's rushing record.

They say that Twitter killed the publicist. I, for one, think the opposite. Twitter is every entertainment and sports publicists worst nightmare. It allows fans, peers and of course the critics to peer into the livelihood and 'inner thoughts' of the people, who up until now, only had voices during press conferences, interviews and award shows. I suppose no one knows that better than you now, Larry. After being the linchpin of the Kansas City Chiefs offense for 5 seasons (only 2 were good fantasy-wise; My team suffered), you've pretty much fallen out of favor, especially with Todd Hailey at the helm of the offense. Now, instead of talking to the coach, or finding new ways to help the team, or just going along with it and praying everything works out, you decided to tweet about it. Big mistake. As a celebrity (I guess we can call you that), people WAIT for you to tweet something controversial. You should have known as soon as you pressed send, that your ass was gonna have a fire under it hotter than the Chiefs jerseys.

Yeah, I know it's your personal Twitter, and it's really supposed to be for you, and people took what you said 'out of context'. I get it. In fact, I think the NFL or any sports league for that matter should have its hand in your tweets or your life OFF the field. As long as what you're doing doesn't affect how you play (I guess you don't qualify because you've SUCKED for the past 3 years), the league shouldn't be able to reprimand you. However, as is usually the case with what should be, that's not the way it goes. Those gay groups that were protesting outside of the Chiefs practice facility had more power than whatever tweets you sent (think Michael Vick and PETA). Had you just said something about your coach and left the word 'fag' out of your tweets, you'd probably still have a job today. In this day and age of information and technology mixing with people's easily-offended attitudes, you can't afford a slip, or a tweet that belies your utter stupidity and supposed homophobia. Then again, you're jobless now. You can tweet all you want; on and off the unemployment line...

Friday, November 6, 2009

Women's soccer meets MMA...

SportsCenter doesn't cover anything but football, baseball, and sometimes basketball and hockey. It actually blows how little coverage of anything not football or baseball they have. However, when they do cover something else, you can be pretty sure that it's gonna be either shocking or spectacular. This was the former. I know in every sport there is your fair share of pushing, shoving, pulling and little dirty tricks that the cameras rarely catch, but THIS is ridiculous. New Mexico soccer player Elizabeth Lambert does her best MMA impression on her opponents, and surprisingly gets no sort of punishment. No yellow cards, no red cards. No nothing. Justice, no. But entertainment, YES!! I suppose I could carve out some time for women's college soccer if it was like this all the time...

Freestyle Friday (11/6)

What's up people? Freestyle Friday time. Get ready to have your ears in heaven with these two cyphers. The first one is from the Clipse, who pushed Till' The Casket Drops back AGAIN. I guess I can't be mad if they keep putting out material like this. Those two have taken drug raps and cocaine wordplay to another high (pun intended). The second one is from an oldie but goodie, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. They break out some of that Cleveland sound with fast, melodic delivery as usual, with a few punchlines in there, too. Check out both of these cyphers and keep it locked to Dear Whoever...

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Neighborhood Newsletter (11/5)

You're never too young to start hating FOX News, kids...

CNN projects marijuana tax revenue for every U.S. state

Why prisons should not be privatized.

5 new technologies that will change EVERYTHING

A gentleman's guide to toppling foreign governments

The 10 Ugliest Cars at SEMA 2009

25 People with horrible fake tans

The 9 Most Trafficked Websites No One Visits

My Father, the Drug Lord: Pablo Escobar's Son

Dear Rihanna

To anyone reading this, this is clearly a touchy subject. So take this letter with a grain of salt, rather than take my rhetoric as me being a proponent of domestic violence. Here goes.

Rihanna, you were never really that much of a pop icon to me. I saw you go from a Bajan dancehall-pop artist (somewhere in the realm of Sean Kingston), to a regular R&B-pop star, to a 'pop icon' (as Mediatakeout and MTV like to call you). I never really minded your career, but I always seemed to have a disdain for your music. Now, when the story and the pictures detailing your domestic run-in with Chris Brown, I was somewhat skeptical. Not only does Chris Brown seem like a soft dude, there were rumors on top of rumors that you were jealous, controlling, and had hit Chris on numerous occasions. No one but you and Chris were in that car when he allegedly (well, now, reportedly) beat you up. However, I'm willing to put money on the fact that Chris' meltdown was not completely of his own volition.

When you think about domestic violence, what do you think of? Exactly. A man beating a woman. However, who's to say that this tenet couldn't be reversed? So many times in society, we place the onus of being the bigger person on the man in the relationship, when the woman is just as responsible for the turmoil. So many times, as a society, we allow sensationalism to cast an improper shadow on people. So many times, we allow double standards to cloud our vision into thinking that the man is always the bad guy. Not to say that Chris Brown was not in the wrong, but where is any investigation on your part in the incident, Rihanna? Who's to say that you didn't provoke Chris at all? I'm sure that ANYONE would get pissed if you were hitting them up while they were driving. Women, and the matriarchal black society that we live in, are so quick to point the finger, that even before anything was proven, Chris was already guilty. In this day and age, if you get mentioned as a domestic abuser (guilty or not), you will never be able to scratch that off your record. Chris Brown may have laid not a finger on you, but will be guilty by association 99% of the time. What's worse is how you've gone about your 'road to recovery', Rihanna.

First of all, if you were so 'ashamed' of what happened, why were you back in the man's arms weeks later? Second off, why were you photographed with Drake only weeks after that? That's an awful lot of switching beds and paparazzi action for someone who's 'scared and shaken'. I'm not saying that you should have been shacked up for 5 months, but I didn't know getting back on the pony was so easy. Another thing, Rihanna. Why were you so quiet and pensive about everything until now? Your album Rated R is set to be released on November 23rd. I suppose your timing couldn't be more correct. Rihanna, so much of this incident seems skewed in your favor. You more or less traded bruises and Chris Brown's career for publicity. Something about that doesn't seem too 'ashamed' to me. Like I said in the beginning of this letter, I'm not a proponent of domestic violence. Violence has no place in a relationship and shouldn't be condoned. My mother told me never, ever to hit a woman. But if the woman is hitting me, when do I say enough is enough? Rihanna, adding to a destructive double standard shouldn't be the price you pay for platinum plaques, and you know it. It's just sad that a performer much more talented than you had to be a victim of that standard...

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Manu 'Batman' Ginobili

You just have to watch this to get it. I thought it was hilarious. Who decides to bring a bat to a basketball game. If it was a baseball game, there could be funny puns and jokes (get it? the bat?). Even so, Manu Ginobili still has all of his hand-eye coordination even if he's losing his hair. Check out Manu practicing to be a zookeeper...

Dear Sesame Street

Somewhere in the recesses of every mind born after 1969, there is a memory of you, Sesame Street. Whether learning to count with the Count, or hanging out with Bert and Ernie in their tub (PAUSE), or fiending for cookies with Cookie Monster, you were always there for infantile mornings and sick days from school. More important than all of those instances though, was the unavoidable fun that took place while learning. You never pushed the ABC's down our throats or tried to force-feed us numbers. While other shows tried to entertain, you kept us engaged. You never dumbed downed to us like Blue's Clues or tried to preach at us like Face on Nick Jr. or bored the hell out of me like Little Bear.

What's awesome about you, Sesame Street, is the fact that you could meld the interactions of humans and puppets so seamlessly. Never did the prospect of an adult having a conversation with a Mr. Snuffleupagus seem out of the realm of possibility on Sesame Street. Unlike Binya-Binya Polliwog, or other fictional children's show puppets, every character on Sesame street had a personality. They weren't just a bumbling caricature with a funny name. Elmo's voice is immediately recognizable. There is no other Big Bird. Sesame Street, you were a show ahead of your time. No wonder every other children's show bows at your feet. As your viewers get older and we become more and more cynical, it's easy for us to forget how pivotal you were, shrouding it in Ernie & Bert gay jokes and homeless jokes about Oscar the Grouch (word to Dave Chappelle). Just know that at 40, nothing looks as good as Sesame Street does. I'd visit there today if somebody can just tell me how to get there...

PS: Check out some of Sesame Street's best moments at age 40. And I'll give $10 to anyone who can tell me where the REAL Sesame Street is..

The Mailing List: November 2009 (#5)

5. Precious

I haven't seen a real tearjerker in a while, much less one that deals with so many topics at once. From welfare, to emotional abuse, to incest, to education, Precious looks like it can touch a multitude of people. The use of Gabourey Sidibe, an unknown, for the lead role of Precious is a good look because it allows for flexibility. She doesn't have the weight of being typecasted or any sort of precedent for her to follow. She can express any emotion that comes to her. What also makes this movie for me is seeing Mo'Nique in a serious role. We all know her as the funnywoman, but seeing her in such a different way should be exciting. And let's not forget, my muse, Paula Patton, is also starring in the movie (salivation). Precious comes to theaters on November 6th. Be prepared to weep and feel inspired, people...

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Snow-Car?

The idea of it is ridiculous, but it's inception is nothing short of a masterpiece. Although Ken Block's creation, melding a Subaru WRX STI with a snowmobile, seems a bit far-fetched, when it hits the snow, it looks like a pig in mud. The machine is called the TRAX STI, boasting 500 hp and is for snowboarders who don't feel like using the lift to get to where they need to be. I must say, that they did a bang-up job with it. The thing looks like it runs smoothly and doesn't lose any power to the wheels (treads?) due to its unorthodox set-up. I usually would have more to say, but this is something better seen than described...

Dear Obama Critics

Oh you mad cuz I'm stylin on you??

It's been a year since that momentous Election Day that saw my Philadelphian brethren walk to City Hall in triumph over the election of Barack Obama. We're not going to mince words here by talking about how much I LOVE President Obama and his presidency so far. We're not even going to talk about why you guys are wrong anymore, because living in the past is soooooo Bush-era. We're just going to focus on the facts. And the fact of the matter is, in the past 9 months since Obama's election, our outlook as a country has gotten a lot brighter. What has Barack done thus far? Well, I'm glad you asked. Check it out:

- A week before he was sworn in, Obama stuffed his bank bailout down the throat of his own party — a $350 billion accomplishment.

- Two weeks later, he signed the Stimulus Bill.

- Two weeks after that, he announced America's withdrawal from Iraq.

- A week later, he tossed Bush's ban on stem-cell research.

- In June he got the Arab world back on our side with his speech in Egypt.

- That same June, Obama introduced Cash for Clunkers program, which has revitalized the auto industry after over 5 years of declines.

- And over the summer and the past two months, he's appointed Sonia Sotomayor, cut taxes by $228 billion, ended the war on medical marijuana, revived the credit markets and stopped the financial collapse.

ALL of that in just 8 months. And let's not forget the little public option bill that will revolutionize the health care industry in America. Seriously, if you can't see the mastery in Obama's performance up until this point, you must be blind or blindly conservative or liberal (Lord knows the man has enemies on both sides). Not to say that we are out of the tunnel in terms of financial ruin or social upheaval, but you have to admit, Obama's done a hell of a lot more in 8 months than George Bush has managed to fuck up in eight years. Obama may never quote the now infamous rap battle I ascribed to his likeness above, but he sure as hell embodies the quote right now, especially for all you critics that have salty looks on your faces now...

Dear Jay-Z (and the rest of rap)

Okay, by now, people heads probably think I hate you, just by sheer volume of material I have covering you and decisions I found questionable. Even so, I actually can stand the Blueprint 3. It grew on me, as does most material that's CONSTANTLY in rotation. But I see the lyricism and musical value of your work over the past year.

That said, I was semi-looking forward to watching the video for 'Empire State of Mind'. I didn't watch the previews or behind-the-scenes videos, so the official joint would be completely new. What I waited so long for turned out to be boring, unimaginative and extra-regular. I'll say it now, for the world to hear: RAP VIDEOS SUCK NOW. Where is the innovation, ingenuity and creativity? Where are the plots? Where are the random explosions and near-movie quality stunts? Where are the new ways to blow our money lavishly? Where is anything? All I saw in your video, Jay, and see in any video today is dudes standing around in different places (clubs, colored sets, parking lots), doing some stupid dance in a club, or hood shots (ie: crack houses, projects etc.).

What's worse, is that this was a New York video. NYC hip-hop fans know what I'm talking about; the videos that show random shots of streets and people in the city. Your video is no different. It has the varied montages of life on the NYC 'streets' complete with a Times Square shot for Alicia Keys and numerous other landmarks. Sure, it's a tried and true formula. But at some point, where do artists start to get tired of shooting the same videos? Jay, I know for a fact that you wanted the video drop to coincide with your performance at the World Series. I just wish the video was half as inspiring as the performance (the Yankees BEASTED that game). I suppose this 'new' rap video is a sign of the times, with the recession and all. But, I thought you were the best rapper alive? Certainly the top dog, and the rap king of New York, would be able to dole out some presidents for a music video about New York? If that weren't the case, I'd have no reason to write this letter to Jay, or to the rest of the rap game. In fact, maybe you guys should get a recap some of the crap you've been tossing on MTV and BET lately...

Breast I Ever Had?

5 Star Video with a $5 budget..

Whoever directed this is a jerk..

I don't even wanna go in on this one...

Monday, November 2, 2009

Who taught you how to play football??

Watch. Just watch. And also, just know that I'd be FURIOUS if I were the kick returner here. Luckily for us, this is the interweb, where nothing is real, and no one lies.. Oops, I lied...

Dear Ford

Wall Street wouldn't know bad quality if it crashed THROUGH the stock market...

via The New York Times:
The Ford Motor Company posted a surprise third-quarter profit of $997 million on Monday and said that it had had its first profitable quarter in North America in more than four years. The carmaker also said that, at least temporarily, it had stopped rapidly depleting its cash reserves. It reported positive cash flow of $2.8 billion during the quarter, ending September with $23.8 billion. Through the first nine months of 2009, Ford, the only Detroit automaker to avoid bankruptcy this year, has had a profit of more than $1.8 billion. Still, it has lost about $1.3 billion when one-time items, like a major debt restructuring, are excluded.

Until now, its goal had been to break even or earn a full-year profit by 2011. On Monday the company said in a statement that it “now expects to be solidly profitable in 2011, excluding special items, with positive operating-related cash flow.” It did not indicate whether a fourth-quarter or full-year profit is expected this year, nor did it provide an outlook for 2010, citing continued economic uncertainty.

Now, I won't lie. I think American cars are atrocious, but in the realm of the gas guzzlers, you guys are the only automaker that I can stand. That said, Ford, where did this profit of $997 million just magically appear from? Something about it doesn't make sense. It's one thing to not be in the red anymore (Ford was in fact the only American automaker to stay out of it this year). But it's completely different to post a record sum for a quarter after having been a hair away from bankruptcy only months before. In all honesty, that's an impressive jump. It probably should be noted in some record books or business textbooks because it's dope that they were able to jump out of the hole so quickly. HOWEVER, as we know with 'the Man', his results might be mind-blowing, but his methods are maniacal. Only a fool would believe that Ford attained this new rung of profit by completely legal means, much less NOT through some outdated loophole or random law that allows them to skew their reports. Regardless of my inner ruminations, you guys had a bang-up quarter. I just wish I could believe it as readily as Wall Street did. I guess even the Man gets tricked by the Man at times...

Wiz Khalifa - Burn After Rolling


Burn After Rolling - Wiz Khalifa

Of the rappers I really got to know throughout this summer (Curren$y, The Kid Daytona & Wiz Khalifa) it took me the longest to like Wiz. He was hailing from Pittsburgh and I wasn't really sure what all the hype was about at the time. I'm pretty upset that I didn't get down with the Taylor Gang earlier, because I'm a fan now. Khalifa takes a while to grow on a person that isn't used to his stee-lo. However, once one gets past not knowing who he is, the man makes for one of the more enjoyable listening experiences on wax. Wiz has a nice flow and combines that with witty punchlines and funny observations (most likely derived from 'divine' places). He also has a solid team behind him. One thing I wish is that like his stoner brother, Curren$y, Wiz shores up his content and his lyrics. At times the tape felt repetitive (understandable, considering the tape was 20 tracks). Other than that, Wiz just solidified himself as a major up-and-comer. Taylor Gang or DIE, bitches...

01 B.A.R.
02 Getting’ Up
03 Take Yo Bitch
04 The Thrill
05 One Way
06 Miles
07 If I Were A Lame
08 Meet New People
09 Weekend
10 Young Khalifa
11 Knock U Down
12 On Tha Pill
13 When U Find
14 Mafia Music (rmx)
15 Say U Will
16 Timeless
17 Won’t Land
18 Ode to Naked Pop Stars
19 All My Life Freestyle
20 Great to Be There (Outro)

Cream of the Crop:
Gettin Up
Young Khalifa (the sample irked me though)
Knock U Down
Mafia Music (Remix)
Say U Will
Won't Land
Ode to Naked Pop Stars
All My Life Freestyle

Cream of the Crap:
If I Were a Lame
Take Yo Bitch

B.A.R. - Wiz Khalifa
Take Yo Bitch (ft. Neako & Young Jerz) - Wiz Khalifa
Real (ft. Nelly Furtado) - Wiz Khalifa

Neighborhood Newsletter (11/2)

Illegal downloaders spend MORE on music than those who obey the law

Clever fools: Why a high IQ doesn't mean you're smart

Teen got life sentence for killing pimp who raped her at 13

Strong Leonid Meteor Shower Expected Nov. 17

How Goldman secretly bet on the U.S. housing crash

Will the Internet Survive Its 40th?

New Super Mario Bros. Wii to be "Hardest in the Series"

How junk food diet 'can give you depression'

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Lil' Wayne - No Ceilings


No Ceilings - Lil' Wayne

I've had the unofficial version of this mixtape for a while and really wanted to wait for the official version to drop to post it up. So here it is. After what seems like forever since we've seen Wayne on his mixtape tip, the man drops a gem. Yes, I said it. Mixtape Weezy is back. I guess it's not a day too late considering he's going to be at Riker's for a while now. Just like in the now-infamous Drought series, Wayne spits over some of today's popular beats, mostly with no choruses or bridges. If you don't like the word 'like' you might want to pass on this tape. That means one thing: PUNCHLINES. And when I say punchlines, I mean back to back to back to back. Sometimes they get a little juvenile and repetitive in terms of their contact (the 'shit' metaphors are out of control), but you still have to admit that Weezy is back on his game. No, 'No Ceilings' won't convert non-believers in to Lil' Wayne fans, but will definitely entertain the love-hate fan (like myself) and endear the die-hard fans to him even more. Check out the tape, tracklist, my picks and some loosies too...

1. Swag Surf
2. Ice Cream
3. D.O.A.
4. Skit (Feat Gudda Gudda)
5. Wasted
6. Watch My Shoes
7. Break Up (Feat Short Dawg & Gudda Gudda)
8. Banned From T.V.
9. Throw It In The Bag
10. That’s All I Have (Feat Tyga & Shanell)
11. Skit (Feat Shanell)
12. Wayne On Me
13. I’m Good (Feat Lucci Lou)
14. Poke Her Face (Feat Jae Millz)
15. Run This Town
16. I Got No Ceilings
17. Skit End
18. No Ceilings (Feat Birdman)
19. Oh Let’s Do It
20. Single
21. Sweet Dreams (Beyonce Feat Nicki Minaj & Lil Wayne)

Cream of the Crop:
Ice Cream
Watch My Shoes
Banned From T.V.
I'm Good
Poke Her Face

Cream of the Crap:
Sweet Dreams
Run This Town

No Ceilings (ft. Birdman) - Lil' Wayne
Sweet Dreams (Beyonce ft. Nicki Minaj) - Lil'Wayne