Wednesday, September 30, 2009

D-Wade KILLS Boyz II Men

Dwyane Wade should never be allowed to pick up a microphone for musical purposes ever again. EVER. That is all...

Dear DMX


Now, you know you're wrong for this one. If anything falls under 'crackhead behavior', participating in an MMA brawl as a rapper, is probably one of them. Now, I'm not saying you're destined to lose, because I've never actually heard of Eric Martinez (a quick Google search showed Martinez linked to DMX on all the hits). However, for a rapper attempting a comeback, don't you think you should probably be, ummm, maybe in the studio? Or on a promo tour? Or doing something, anything rap related? X, you were one of my favorite rappers in like 6th grade. What happened to the X that was about his grind, and not exposing himself as a druggie on BET? All I hope is that you don't end up getting knocked out, especially by a dude that's on your management team (via AllHipHop). Please just take it back to the Earl Simmons that was at the end of this track...

Dear Jordan Brand (RE: Air Jordan 2010)


So, THIS is the next Air Jordan sneaker? After over 20 years of fashion, style and cultural innovation, this is the best you guys could come up with? I never knew you guys and Payless (no offense) were doing a collab! No seriously, this looks like one of the generic shoes that comes with create-a-players in basketball video games. Jordan Brand, what are you guys doing? Since the XV's, none of your releases have been that hot. It's seeming more and more that Jordans are destined to die out with retros fading in quality and ridiculous concepts like the Fusions. Get it together fellas, because this looks worse than the Dada's Chris Webber was wearing for a while. At least those looked right for the times. The 2010's look like what we thought sneakers would look like when we were still in 1995...

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

XV - Fall Out The Sky

I'll admit it.. I slept on XV. I downloaded the mixtape, thought it was hot, but it somehow slipped through my cracks (PAUSE) over the summer with how much Curren$y and Wale I was listening to. He dropped the video for Fall Out The Sky from his mixtape 'Everybody's Nobody', and I must say, dude has a lot going for him. Check the video and make sure to check out the mixtape too...

Human Tetris

This was simply brilliant. If you're going to try and do Tetris in real-life, this was probably the best way to do it. Happenings like this make me happy to be so open to the idea of letting my boredom take me places. So many of the cockamamie schemes we come up with in our downtime fall victim to the whims of doubt or (un)common sense. Today (I know there's not much time left), try to see one of your schemes into fruition. You might not be playing human Tetris, but it's a hell of a lot better than sitting on your butt and being mad that you're bored...

Dear Black Youth

I thought we were past this but it seems like during my residence in Philadelphia, I've grown desensitized to violence. Black youth, is this really what we want our lives to be? A never-ending cycle of violence, mourning, short waves of activism and MORE violence? For the longest, it seemed like we were getting the picture. It seemed like the election of Barack Obama and the bringing of personal responsibility for students to the forefront were starting to take hold in our minds. It seemed like we were turning the corner that our forefathers had been working for decades to push us around. But alas, there's not much light that can be salvaged from this blight of darkness. Murder rates among black teens (aged 14-17) have risen almost 40% this decade alone, and with the grizzly murder of Derrion Albert, it doesn't look like this trend will tail off soon. To my peers, I have only one question: When will we stop? When will territorial vendettas and color wars become less important than our livelihood? How many more people have to die before we realize we are killing OURSELVES?!?! Okay, that was three questions, but all ones that needed to be asked. I'm sick of hearing about death. I know (or at least I hope) you are too. Be the change you want to see in yourself, people. It's an easy task for something with such difficult consequences...

The Mailing List: September 2009 (#1)

1. Nike Sportswear City Pack


Soooo, remember yesterday, and Friday, when I put you guys on to those two Big Nike High's repping LBC and Atlanta? Remember that I said Nike is probably gonna do a City Pack with more cities? Well, yeah.. I'm right!! Nike released pictures of the two other sneakers in the pack, two Blazer mids repping NYC and Chicago. The entire pack will be at Nike Sportswear's 21 Mercer St. location, but only specific ones will be available in most regions. Check the rest of the pictures of the pack...





Monday, September 28, 2009

Illecism - Tenga Un Refresco: Vol. Dos

There's no reason for Illecism to not be signed yet. If Soulja Boy and Gucci Mane have any place on record labels, then Illecism should be getting Grammy's and ASCAP's. No, seriously. Whatever the state of the music industry, Illecism is working on his second solo mixtape, the sequel to Have a Refreshment: Vol. 1, 'Tenga Un Refresco: Vol. Dos' (somebody check the Espanol on that for me). I'm excited for what's coming for this man. Check the first trailer for Illecism's new mixtape...

Neighborhood Newletter (9/28)


6 Kids You Grew Up With

Half of Americans aged 18-24 are unemployed

Social Security will be in the red by next year

The Liars in Our Lives: How and Why We Lie

NJ Cop Robert Melia Taped Having Sex with Cows

Detroit Lions FINALLY win a game

No more digitally-altered photos in advertisements

Training wheels will soon become a thing of the past

Graduatin' Ain't Shit - sent by iGoon

So, ummm, if you were following Dear Whoever earlier this month, you would have seen the two letters about college (here's the one to freshmen, and here's the one to the colleges themselves). I wanted to include some verbiage for all my college graudates. Unfortunately, I still haven't graduated yet. So, I had to get some knowledge from my man Ricky (aka InternetGoon; check the blog and the Twitter). Check out his take on being a graduate...

Smile!! Unemployment is right around the corner!!

If you didn't know, the iGoon is a graduate...I looked the word up just in case I wasn't and it means: a holder of an academic degree or diploma. Pretty simple..I've been a graduate all my life..

It first started in Kindergarten where I was prone to taking naps, kissing girl under tables, and just being a great kid. I didn't go to Pre School...I didn't need that shit..My preschool was my sister teaching me my ABC's and 123's...And by the look of it I turned out great..haha..

Then the next time I became a graduate was from Elementary School...5th Grade was actually good..I went around having different girlfriends..I actually had one girl that I took to the prom (yup we had one) and I used to call her using the house phone while I hid under a table in the living room..I didn't want my parents knowing anything so I tried to be very discreet...I wonder if it worked...By the way I was mayor of my school...All I did was make announcements on the PA speaker, get free periods off, and went on a free trip to DC...Pretty good...

Now we're in middle school...Big boys...I lived 2 minutes away from my school...I found a love for sports and became a solid athlete..Had a couple girls, experienced some major kisses...Escaped on freshman friday..(Basically every Friday, if you were a freshman you were bound to get beat up by the 7th and 8th graders) Not only was I fast as hell but I knew the upper classmen so no one was touching me...I graduated and it was great...

High School was one of the best experiences...I went to a boarding school in Delaware...did some great things..found my first love...made some great friends...had the best classes ever..was taught by the best teachers ever...I would definitely go back and experience it again...Damn...Some great times and great stories...Great graduation in which I was sad as hell..cried all over the place but I had to move on...

I moved on to college...To be honest, I didn't know there was an institution after high school..Sometimes you get so comfortable with high school that all I knew was Harvard, Yale, Princeton, and other Ivy Leaguers that I didn't have plans or dreams for college...But I made the move to a great college in Chestnut Hill, MA...Didn't like it first but realized that it would become the greatest place for me..Alcohol, alcohol, more women...An abundant amount of nearby schools..It was just the place to be...

Now this is why graduating ain't shit...I ain't got no job...And yeah I could hide under a rock and blame the economy but fuck that...It's hard as hell out here in the real world...I wish I would have known what life would be like because I definitely did not sign up for this crap...I'm getting tired of people telling me the same thing, I'm getting tired of unpaid internships (I got bills bitch!) I'm tired of people saying "It'll get better." I haven't given up..Cause if I did I wouldn't be here..But this shit is rough..I remember last year I wrote an article saying I won't be jobless at this time next year...SMFH...Here I am, jobless...And don't get me wrong, I worked my ass off in college..It may not seem like that to you but I really don't give a fuck..I networked with what I thought were the right people...But if my connectors can't do any connecting then I'm fucked...

I got loans up my ass...It's getting real...It's not a fucking game...Now if I had a job would I be writing this article? Nope...Hopefully I get somewhere and some door opens...My resume is out there in the hands of people I trust, opportunities like blogging for Dr. Jay's may open some shit...But who knows...Right about now, graduating ain't shit...

How do you feel? I leave you with this great skit from Kanye's "College Droput"

Nike Big Nike "ATL"


Last Friday I dropped a preview of the LBC version of the Big Nike High. This week we got another version of the sneaker, this time with Atlanta as the premise of the colorway. So it's looking like Nike is going to do a city series with the Big Nike, even if that isn't the case, these colorways of the Big Nike are looking DOPE. Check the 3M patterning and slick colorway on the ATL Nike Big Nike...



This Week in Unecessary Censorship

If you know me, you know that I curse like a drunken sailor after stubbing his toe finding out his girlfriend is cheating on him. That's why this video is so freaking hilarious. I'm not really the biggest late-night television fan because I think I can come up with funnier material than them. This segment might have just proven me wrong. Make sure you watch until the last episode. Nickelodeon and CBS must really be having some problems...

Friday, September 25, 2009

Nike Big Nike "LBC"


I've always had a part of me that wished I could be from California. If there's a 'New York State of Mind' then there is definitely a 'California State of Mind'. I suppose the closest I'll be able to get to it, until I actually hit the West Coast, is these sneakers. The Nike Big Nike has been getting a lot of colorways lately. I feel like this might be Nike's way of telling us that they're getting tired of Dunks, in the same way that they started releasing dope Dunk colorways when the Air Force 1 got played out. Check the flicktures of the Big Nike 'Long Beach'and if you're in California, make sure to check out the release tomorrow at Proper in the LBC...


Freestyle Friday (9/25)

How's it going people? Today's Friday and that means only one thing: Freestyles brought to you from Dear Whoever. Last week we only had one cipher on deck, so this week we're bombarding you with them. Check these joints out, have a happy Friday and keep it locked to Dear Whoever...

This first one is from Lupe Fiasco (my favorite rapper, if you didn't know) over some track from Jay-Z (I forget the name). It's a live freestyle from a concert, so try and bear with the sound quality...

This second one is by Eminem on Tim Westwood TV, and it looks like Em is back on his dopeness (not the first half, though). I like this whole segment because it's sooo long. The only thing is all of the expletives are bleeped out (When are people gonna get over cursing?) Make sure you peep Alchemist in the background...

The last one is by Asher Roth (been bumping his stuff a lot lately) over some other random Jay-Z song. He really is one of the most eloquent MC's out right now. And he has such a distinct flow. I can't even put my finger on why his raps hit so hard, but it's impossible to deny how nice he is...

Neighborhood Newsletter (9/25)

Life just is not fair sometimes...

What surgery will look like in the future

20 Reasons Why You're Still Single

The World's Most Important Drugs

If Lottery Tickets Told the Truth

Alleged terror threat seen as 'most serious' since 9/11 attacks

HIV vaccine hailed as 'historic milestone' in fight against Aids

Both sides of the story on FML

The Mailing List: September 2009 (#2)

2. Brothers

I'm not really a fan of Tyler Perry and his little black media conglomerate. First off, he's probably gay. And second off, any dude that isn't beating his wife or smoking crack in a Perry production probably is too. Third off, Tyler Perry gets way too much credit for being a 'black' playwright, rather than a playwright who just happens to be black. That's why I'm so hyped for something, anything on TV with a black cast, that ISN'T spearheaded by Tyler Perry. Enter 'Brothers', the new sitcom on FOX (they have good TV, regardless of their bullshit news programming) starring Michael Strahan, ironically playing a retired football player. Strahan's character, Mike (big whoop), decides to return home after his playing days are over, only to see that the more he's changed, the more his family stays the same. The trailer seems funny and the premise, while somewhat worn, has some room for hilarity to ensue. Plus, you won't find Michael Strahan dressing up in drag. Check the trailer for 'Brothers' and the cast of the show talking about it on the red carpet...

Dear New Jersey Nets

via The New York Times:
A Russian tycoon with a longstanding passion for basketball agreed to a $200 million deal on Wednesday that would make him the principal owner of the New Jersey Nets and a key investor in the team’s proposed new home in Brooklyn.

Mikhail D. Prokhorov, who is 44 years old, stands as tall as a basketball forward and is widely considered the richest man in Russia, would become the first overseas owner of a National Basketball Association team. While other Russian billionaires have become prominent in English soccer, Mr. Prokhorov now becomes the first of that group to cross the Atlantic with the aim of becoming part of the American sports scene.

Mr. Prokhorov’s deal also stands out because there is little foreign ownership of any kind in major American sports. Last May, Chinese investors reached a deal to purchase 15 percent of the N.B.A.’s Cleveland Cavaliers. And the majority owners of Major League Baseball’s Seattle Mariners are Hiroshi Yamauchi, a former executive of Nintendo, the Japanese video-game company, and Nintendo USA, the company’s American subsidiary.

Move over Jay-Z. Brooklyn is getting a taste of that Soviet swagg, now. The question is, is this good for the NBA? Let's take a look at some precedents. In The English Premier League (soccer, for you uncultured ingrates), another Russian tycoon Roman Abramovich drew the same ire after purchasing the controlling stake in the Chelsea Football Club for $233 million. The catch? Within two years after the takeover they had won the Premier League, League Cup and FA Cup twice. They went from perennial runner-up to being THAT team in England. Of course they drew a lot of flack for basically turning into an 'evil' empire-esque club, but theystill got those championships.

That said, Nets, this could be a big move for you guys. In recent years your company, not just the team has been going through some financial hardship. Plus, it's not like you guys have been making deep playoff runs in the past few years. You've got my favorite point guard (Devin Harris) on a team full of scrubs, with the exception of Brook 'Shaq' Lopez. Any dead presidents coming into the franchise would automatically put some rocket fuel into a team that's been languishing. In terms of the whole 'foreigner owning an American team' issue, what really is the issue? We as Americans are completely fine with economic imperialism, so why can't more than one country play at that game? Prokhorov isn't some blind billionaire just looking for a new toy. Dude actually plays basketball and has invested a lot of money into basketball in Russia. Honestly, this is a win-win move for you guys and the NBA. We're always talking about how we wat basketball to be a global game. Well, here's our first taste of that. I wonder what Prokhorov thinks of the Blueprint 3...

Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Mailing List: September 2009 (#3)

3. Pandorum

Okay, space and sci-fi films always have to go the extra bound for me to consider them. That's because we've explored most every abyss of human fear and extra-terrestrial imagination up to this point. New ideas are so slow to come to fruition and so hard to convey in an artistic yet commercially-appealing way, that, besides Star Trek, I couldn't tell you the last good sci-fi movie I've seen. So, when a new sci-fi movie is set to come out, the premise and the trailer usually beget more than they would want, making seeing the movie less likely for me. Pandorum seems to be heading in the right direction, by coming up with a different type of movie. What if the enemy isn't an alien or some other humanoid, hell-bent on destroying humanity? What if the monster is us? That premise alone makes me curious about Pandorum and whether the movie will deliver. It's been so long since a good sci-fi / horror movie (that ISN'T a remake) has come out. I'm not too psyched about Dennis Quaid being anywhere near a camera after his performance in GI Joe, but I suppose a trip to outer space can do the man some good. Hopefully I don't regret watching this one like I did GI Joe...

Dear Hip-Hop Bloggers

This is why some people should just stick to behind the scenes work. Or better yet, this is the reason why some hip-hop blogs SUCK and others continue to grow. J. Cole is a smooth operator for taking those questions in stride like he did, but the interviewer was clearly baiting him. Is this what hip-hop blogs have come to? Fishing around for dirt? Trying to spark beef because of comparisons that clearly are rooted in colorist tendencies? If so, then please count me out. Not only is it in bad taste to more or less muckrake, it also shows that as a blog you have no originality or even a different perspective on whatever 'issues' you bring up. On a completely unrelated note, what the hell kinda name for a hip-hop magazine/blog/conglomerate is Los Angeles Leakers? It sounds like a cheap-ass porn production studio, complete with sketchy mustaches and faulty STD reports. Not to say that whoever is conducting this interview is an idiot, but I'm pretty sure they've run out of topics to deal with. Perhaps it's time to go back to the drawing board on this one...

Neighborhood Newsletter (9/24)


State OKs petition drive for pot legalization

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Jordan vs. Russell Rematch?

Woman gives birth to 8.7kg super baby

WARNING: Twitter Worm Spreading via Direct Messages

The FDA’s Latest Half-Baked Claims on Smoking

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

This is where your tax dollars are going...

I would love being a policeman too, if these were the perks of the job. Do a drug bust, play Wii for four hours? That's like my dream. But these dudes are living it. And unfortunately, they'll probably be playing a lot more Wii in the near future...

Cory Gunz & DJ Drama - Heir to the Throne

This cover looks like it was straight from Ca$h Money, circa 1999...

Cory Gunz & DJ Drama - Heir to the Throne

Cory Gunz is a monster. I will wholeheartedly endorse that statement. However, the people he entrusts with his career are not so hot. Believe that. That's the only way that such a good lyricist could collaborate for such a disappointing mixtape. When I found out that Cory Gunz was releasing a Gangsta Grillz mixtape, I was excited because I knew it would be a legitimate cosign. Now, I feel like he's going to be relegated to the battle / hood rapper lane, when he should be going in with the rest of the Freshman class (who's up for 2010, by the way? I'm curious). Now, that's not a bad thing. But why limit yourself Cory? For someone as talented as Cory, there should be a plethora of beats. This whole mixtape sounds the same. Cory spits battle raps, shoot-em-up lyrics over hard-ass beats. The last time I checked, repetition doesn't get you anywhere (ask Wale's old flow). Versatility is what makes an artist blow.

No, Cory will never be Drake, the industry golden boy, but some fine-tuning on his versatility would do the man some good. Even with all of the DJ Drama drops and lack of content on the mixtape, lyrically and flow-wise, Cory Gunz is bounds ahead of where he used to be. He officially has one of the best vocabularies in hip-hop and is always showing the most subtle humor ever in his punchlines. And, NEWSFLASH: he now knows how to turn off his rapid-fire flow and ride a beat. That, in and of itself warrants some praise on his part. I just wish he would have extended that change to his beat selection. Check my picks, some loosies and videos for your viewing pleasure...

Cream of the Crop:
Let's Move
Plenty Money Freestyle
A New Day
Drug Raps (ironically)
Big Noise

Cream of the Crap:
Crew in the Spot
Bomb Day
Bust a Nigga Head

Cory Gunz-How We Set Em Straight
Cory Gunz-Stick Up

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Nike Big Nike "Eggplant"


Simply saying the Nike Big Nike out loud sounds foolish. Come to think of it, the idea of this sneaker itself is ridiculous. Mixing the classic eggplant colorway with a sneaker that's barely a year old? What's even funnier is that the Big Nike is a mash-up of the Dunk. The whole concept is insane! Too bad the sneaker is too. Check the pictures of the Eggplant Nike Big Nike (cringe)...





Maybe your kid shouldn't fall of the bike!!

I'm in favor of the public option. Not only is it gonna same me some serious money, it's probably gonna make me more likely to actually seek medical help when I'm feeling bad, instead of taking Robitussin and rubbing Vapo-rub everywhere. This video is hilarious, and if you can't see that humor, then I pray for your health once the public option DOES get passed in Congress...

Dear Plaxico "Cheddar" Burress

Man, I shoulda just stayed home and watched Law and Order like I said I was gonna...

via The New York Times:
About 10 a.m., Mr. Burress, dressed in a white long-sleeve T-shirt, blue jeans and black high-tops, was called to the front of the courtroom to officially receive a two-year prison sentence from Justice Michael H. Melkonian of State Supreme Court in Manhattan.

Boy oh boy.. 730 days, my dude. I hope you brought enough books or don't mind working out all day. To tell you the truth, it could have been a lot worse. If that gun had gone off in a different direction, you might be spending a little more time in the pen. Not to make fun of your predicament, but you have to see the irony and the humor in what happened here, Plax. In addition to shooting yourself in the club (we're not even gonna try and understand why you had a gun in the first place) you ended up losing your job as a Giant (funny how they've found a way to win without him so far) and now you're going to jail for two years, with no chance of parole because of New York's strict-ass gun control laws. The gun had been unlicensed for almost eight months at the time of the incident. So, in so many ways, this was just a case of utter stupidity mixed with bad judgment.

Like I said, I'm not here to joke on you, because prison is never a thing to take lightly, but if you saw this in a movie, wouldn't you be saying the same thing? I'm sure you have at least one friend who's seen 8-Mile, and alluded to Cheddar Bob at one point or another. But seriously, when are some of you athletes gonna learn? If you need a gun to run around town in the first place, chances are you probably shouldn't be out on the town anyway. So, while I loathe how badly this case has turned out for you, you can't say there haven't been a couple of precedents set before you even stepped into the club. We haven't seen or heard from the Pac-Man Jones we originally knew and loved, so who's to say that you'll be able to come back? I suppose it's too early to tell, but two years down the line, we'll have chalked this one up to DNS (Dumb Nigga Syndrome), and the world will keep turning. Keep your head up and your soap on a rope, Plaxico. We'll keep our #17 jerseys ready for your return, hopefully...

Monday, September 21, 2009

Dear Floyd Mayweather

If that wasn't literally the definition of a laughing-stock, then I don't know what is. Floyd, you mopped the canvas with Marquez. Coming up to the fight, I genuinely thought that he would at least give you a challenge, before getting knocked out in epic fashion. I was wrong. Marquez's urine-drinking training style was no match for your speed. It was like you were fighting a decent amateur, dodging his punches that, towards the end of the fight, looked like flails from a man who realized that he had lost. Not to take anything away from you, but this fight definitely could have been better. Or better yet, it probably shouldn't have happened given the looks of the scorecard. You were too big and too strong. Outmatched from the get-go, Marquez's pillow-handed flurries never even registered on your scale. You might have been better off not even showing up for this fight. You probably still would have won.

On another note, Floyd, this fight means one thing.. Well, actually two things. You have to fight Manny Pacquiao and you have to fight Shane Mosley. Before we talk about Pacquiao, which is pretty much a given fight sometime in the next year, Mosely has been coming at you sideways for years. You need to knock dude on his ass. I don't talk a lot of crap about boxers (mostly because I'm afraid of having my face impaled), but Mosely has too weak of a record to be popping that shit at you. Destroy him in all of his doped-out, steroid-abusing glory. In terms of Pacquiao, I think this will be your toughest fight yet. Everyone says, you would outweigh and out-quick him, but Pacquiao has a better chin and is a better 'boxer' than everyone you've faced in the last 5 years, hence him being the pound-for-pound best. Take this fight, and you take that title; it's as simple as that. Anything else would make you the laughing stock...

Friday, September 18, 2009

Dear Rush Limbaugh

If that's not the quintessential "The Man" pose, then I don't know what is...

via The Raw Story:
In a remark extraordinary even by the standards of conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh, the right-wing radio heavyweight declared on his program Wednesday that the United States needed to return to racially segregated buses.

Referring to an incident in which a white student was beaten by black students on a bus, Limbaugh said: “I think the guy’s wrong. I think not only it was racism, it was justifiable racism. I mean, that’s the lesson we’re being taught here today. Kid shouldn’t have been on the bus anyway. We need segregated buses — it was invading space and stuff. This is Obama’s America.”

Racism hasn't died, and by the looks of it, might never die. So, Mr. Barack the Magic Negro, you're gonna talk about black people being racist? Man, you've probably been off of your "prescription" drugs a little too long, peddling crap like that. Let me ask you one thing though: if the white kids beat up the black kid, would THAT automatically be racially motivated? The thing I don't get about most racist people is their sheer, ridiculous inability to see things from any perspective than their own. You're no different Mr. Limbaugh. You and some of these 'pundits' have these "white trash moments" (as opposed to a nigga moment) where normal logic is overridden by wild, latent (or open) racist tendencies. What's worse is that it was a public white trash moment, a moment that not only embarrasses you, it embarrasses your race. Regardless of your idiocy, Rush, you screwed up this time. I'm just guessing, but there definitely have been times when you've been in an enclosed space with more than one black man and haven't been attacked. That should tell you something. Maybe you should be the segregated one...

Craziest. Golf Shot. EVER

Dude, if only I could have the type of luck that this man just got blessed with. Watch the magic. That is all...

Freestyle Friday (9/18)

What's up people!! Hoy es Viernes, and we got a freestyle (sorry just one; everything out right now is either wack or irrelevant) for those hungry ears of yours. It's from KiD CuDI on Peter Rosenberg's show. Dude seems to have put together a good verse, but the censors basically made it worth nill. Still, I had to post it up. I can't put my finger on why I dig CuDi, but even when he puts questionable shit out, the way he does it makes whatever fuckery that comes out of his mouth less silly. Check the cipher...

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Dear World Bank


via Times Online:
The World Bank is spending billions of pounds subsidising new coal-fired power stations in developing countries despite claiming that burning fossil fuels exposes the poor to catastrophic climate change. The bank, which has a goal of reducing poverty and is funded by Britain and other developed countries, calls on all nations in a report today to “act differently on climate change”.

It says that the world must reduce its dependence on fossil fuels, but it is funding several giant coal-burning plants that will each emit millions of tonnes of carbon dioxide a year for the next 40 to 50 years.

Really, guys? This is how we 'go green'? By investing more money into nonrenewable energy? See, this is the exact type of bass ackwards-type thinking that's gonna end up with us having a solar holocaust because the hole in the ozone layer is bigger than Tila Tequila's forehead. No seriously, reading this story made me upset considering I am (for once) trying to reduce my own carbon footprint. I know recycling isn't that big of a change, but every little bit helps. That little bit might not be enough though, considering you guys just added about 50 years worth of smog to our atmosphere with this new investment. The worst part about funding these 'carbon dioxide plants' is that most of them will be located in developing countries, where damn near all of our oxygen is coming from! That makes soooooooo much sense, guys. Let's put the cigarette in the lung that's NOT infected with lung cancer and emphysema. Oh, no better yet, let's shine ultraviolet light right down on the fair-skinned, skin cancer-susceptible patch of flesh that we just happened to miss with sunblock. Seriously, I hate when politicians pass crap laws and allow amendments that go right under our noses. You guys are no different. So what if you issued a report saying that we have to reduce dependence on fossil fuels? What's the point if you're doing the exact thing you say we SHOULDN'T do? I've had it up to here with world leaders destroying our planet under ridiculous pretenses. If you see a spaceship on it's way to the Moon, you know where to find me...

PS: Allowing this motion to pass not only shows sheer inconsideration for the poor of this world, it shows how short-sighted world politicians are today. I get more and more disillusioned with the state of our world by the day, and to tell you the truth..

Nike Air Structure Triax 91 - Electric Green - Spring 2010


Forget 2012. The world might end after 2010 with all of the dope happenings going on. Along with NBA free agency, the sneaker game is looking like it's gonna hit a serious resurgence in 2010. With the exception of the SB division (everything I've seen looks like garbage), Nike has a lineup that might put it back on top next year. Check some more pictures of what's becoming one of my favorite shoes these days, the Air Structure Triax 91...




The Mailing List: September 2009 (#1)

I've said it before and I'll say it again. No matter how badly they fuck up the stories or the characters or anything, I'll always love seeing my favorite childhood books, stories, and TV shows, placed on the silver screen (why do they call movies the silver screen anyway?). This is no different. Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs was always one of my favorite books because of how outlandish the premise was. Think about it. Food falling from the sky? That's the stuff that dreams are made out of. Check the trailer for Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs, and see if you can find the differences between the book and movie (yeah I'm a nerd)...

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Neighborhood Newsletter (9/16)

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Dear Jay-Z (last letter to Jay for a minute)

Now, before you get your panties all in a bunch, please note that I have been an avid Jay-Z listener from the time I could understand what hip-hop was. Don't take this letter as my disdain for his music or legacy. Just read it for what it is: a discourse on the commercialization and watering-down of a hip-hop icon. Here goes:

Same Jay, different day...

(turns off T-Pain) So you don't like auto-tune Jay? Turn off the radio. You're off that now? Who cares? Jay, for the past five years, I've sat back and listened quietly. I've seen all the videos, heard the albums, and sadly, looked at all of the coverage of every time you blow your nose in public. I must say, I'm SICK OF IT. Last night, I had one of the most honest discussions about your music over the past few years, and I've come to one conclusion: Your music has become vapid. It's ironic that I say that, because for 99% of hip-hop artists, The Blueprint 3 would have been a classic under their belt. But we're not talking about Soulja Boy or whoever else; we're talking about you. Since your 2003 offering 'The Black Album', which was supposed to mark the end of your career, you've released three more albums. All of them have sold well in stores and garnered critical acclaim to your already illustrious rap career. There's only one problem: NONE of them are saying anything new. If I may, here is a run-down of the topics you've been discussing over the past 5 years in your lyrics (of course I can't account for every topic, but these are the most prevalent themes in your raps):

- Being from Brooklyn, Brooklyn ideology, Brooklyn streets, etc.
- Having sold drugs in Brooklyn, being a dope-boy, etc.
- Your success as a rapper
- Your success as a businessman
- Your relationship with Beyonce
- Your disdain for things (auto-tune, jerseys, etc.)
- Your image, aura, swagg, or whatever you want to call it

Now, forgive me if I'm mistaken, but how in the world did you drop three albums under those same pretenses? If ANY other rapper talked about that for three albums, not only would their sales drop, their fanbase would dwindle faster than the Madoff's trust fund. What I'm trying to say, Jay, is that you have been completely watered-down over the past 6 years. You raised a good point about this, saying that "if you want to hear Jay from Reasonable Doubt, then listen to Reasonable Doubt" (I can't find the quote; sue me). By that same token, if we want to hear about being from Brooklyn and selling drugs, why not listen to Maino? If we want to hear about being a businessman and having relationships with sexy women, why not listen to Diddy (this is for comparison, not my actual music preferences)? My point is, that your lyrics are starting to follow such a pattern, that it makes listening to you a chore at this point.

People say you're creative, but in terms of what? Adding awkward accentuation and ad-libs to your songs? Having different beats? I can find both of those elsewhere, and presented in a fresher way than you. Creativity doesn't mean finding new ways to present rehashed ideas, nor does it mean adding peripheral things to an already tried and true formula. Creativity in hip-hop is the act of bringing something new to the table; something unseen to that point and unheralded before. People say that your legacy as a rapper is what makes you special. If that's the case, then why don't more heads claim Nas as the GOAT? Illmatic is the only album to receive 5 mics from The Source (when it was legitimate), which is something you can't say for Reasonable Doubt, the album it's most compared to. Also, in terms of legacy, there are tons of other rappers who have been in the game as long as you have; Snoop, AZ, Busta Rhymes, Q-Tip, The Roots, Cam'Ron, The Clipse (I DARE you to debate that one), Common, Fat Joe and the Wu-Tang Clan have all been there since the same time as you. And let's not even mention Biggie, Big L or Big Pun, because hypotheticals will only make the argument more muddled. But regardless, legacy shouldn't have anything to do with your status. Legacy comes after that. You don't give a professor tenure because he's been at a college for so long. Why give you the throne because of that?

So if it isn't your content, your creativity or your legacy, then what is it that makes rap fans salivate whenever they hear your name? I'll tell you what it is: your name, that's all. The Jay-Z we know today is selling out concerts and selling millions of albums because of his name. Since the Black Album all of your albums have used your name and the clout you earned prior to 2003 in a sometimes-misguided effort to stay relevant. If most hip-hop fans were as vigilant as I am, they would notice that not much has changed about your lyrics or content or flow over the past three albums. It's been the outside changing not the inside. It's like a new version of Madden. Regardless of the gameplay or features, you'll buy the game anyway because of the roster updates and new packaging, no matter how little has changed. Right now, Jay, to me, you're Madden 2004 in 2009 packaging. Instead of wearing button-ups, you're on to Wayfarer shades and exclusive sneakers. Instead of rocking odious chains and wife-beaters, it's expensive jeans. Instead of rapping about drug-dealing, you're rapping about rapping about drug-dealing. Everything you're offering right now, I've seen, liked and am being forced to like again, because hordes of fans can't see past the latest trend (DOA and Run this Town). But to me, and hopefully those who can understand this letter, there's nothing more than an updated copy of Reasonable Doubt and a new haircut...

Dear Cellular Providers

I'd rather walk around like this and get the service I need than spend one more day over-paying for bullshit...

As I sat in a seemingly endless line at the Sprint Store today, praying that I wouldn't have to pay an exorbitant amount of money to fix my phone's cracked screen, a thought dawned on me. A simple one at that: Why? Why do we shell over hundreds of dollars a month for a technology that is not only 10 years old, but also is getting cheaper to provide every day? Why do cell phone providers feel the need to lure us in with seemingly frugal deals only to up their prices months later? Why is it that every time I have a problem with my phone, I have to call a number, be placed on hold and then speak to a representative who knows just as much about English as I do about President Obama's sex life? Why? Why? WHY? Well, I did some research and I came up with some startling news: the United States pays more for cellular service than any country in the world. That's right. Check it and check my letter to cell phone providers:

via The Consumerist:
A new survey from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) compared annual costs around the world for consumers who have cellphones, and the U.S. is in the top three for most expensive. How expensive? DSLReports notes that "on average, the OECD found that Americans pay $635.85 on cell phone service, compared to $131.44 per year in the Netherlands or $137.94 per year in Sweden."

Really, Sprint? Really, AT&T and Verizon? So while I'm forking over over $600 per year (I know for a fact it's more), my Scandinavian brethren are spending chump change on the same services? I've had enough of this. My phone's been broke twice this summer, both from quality-related issues. It seems like the more money we as consumers spend on your crummy service, the less you give us. I mean, seriously. Since when was data over an iPhone actually worth the extra $30 a month? Since when has repairing a phone cost more than the phone itself? There's no doubt in my mind that we need (arghh, I hate to admit that) cell phones in today's fast-paced world. However at what cost? You guys always seem to have a new deal that lures in customers but never seem to be able to satisfy the ones you already have. What's worse is that we as Americans continue to feed into this vicious cycle. With every year, as the technology gets more and more advanced (and cheaper), we spend more money to acquire it. While the cost for sending the data we so desperately need goes down, we spend more.

I'm no wireless expert, but for the amount I'm paying, shouldn't my reception bars NEVER go down if I'm in a relatively big city (say, Philadelphia or New York)? With the number of house phones decreasing year by year, I feel like the percentage of cellular phones being a person's only phone is increasing. By that token, shouldn't the price of service be decreasing? Shouldn't services like text-messaging and e-mail, which are becoming ubiquitous fixtures on everyone's device, be included? Yes, I'm mad about my phone. Yes, I'd rather not drop a lot of money to fix it, but for the money I'm spending, shouldn't these phones be a bit more durable? I feel like every time I put my phone anywhere that isn't by my ear, it's at risk for some BS happening to it. Seriously, do me a favor, cell providers. Either lower your prices or make your services better. And not better by putting up a fancy waiting list in your store. Give us a flat rate and exceptional reception. Give us phones that don't break every two months. Better yet, give us phones that don't cost more to fix than to buy. Most importantly, stop nickel and diming us after the fact. They say that there's no way in the world to make an honest million. You've made your millions. At least try to be honest with the customers you know you'll be giving upgrades to next year anyway...

Monday, September 14, 2009

Curren$y - Elevator Musik

If you don't see how dope Curren$y is, then you're clearly blinded by his constant talk of marijuana, cars and women. Sometimes content doesn't have to be the strongest attribute of a rapper for that rapper to be nice. Hot Spitta is the ultimate example. He has slick wordplay and really good command of the English language, which is a lot more than I can say for 95% of hip-hop today. Check out the video for 'Elevator Musik' off of "This Ain't No Mixtape"...

Pac Div - Pac Div (Video)

Along with the Cool Kids, Pac Div are the next group to blow in the rap game. If they don't blow up in the next year, then hip-hop is going down the toilet. Their mix of sharp lyrics and a California (insert synonym for swag) that is a breath of fresh air makes them that much more appealing in these days of Gucci Mane and Soulja Boy. Plus, the video for Pac Div is dope too. Check it out, and keep it locked to Dear Whoever...

Ghostface Killah - Stapleton Sex

Ghostface comes out with the most rancid, raunchy, sexist, pornographic song I've ever heard and doesn't disappoint with the video. As much as I hate the fact that I will never be able to play this song the presence of any females, I can have a singular satisfaction that this song is unbelievable. Check the video...

Dear Kanye

So umm, I wasn't aware that the awards were up for debate this year, Kanye?? I don't think anyone else knew either. But seriously, this was unbelievable. Just when I thought you'd gone as far off the deep end as you could have gone last year when you started dating a former stripper, you pull this out. Not only did you manage to make yourself look like a jackass, you basically made Beyonce's win for Video of the Year look like a joke (not that the MTV Awards aren't a joke in the first place). Taylor Swift's reaction was priceless and what I would expect any young country singer to do if confronted with a heavily inebriated, highly egotistical rap star. But seriously, Ye, what in God's name was that? At least saying "George Bush doesn't care about black people" made some sense in a universal sense. This incident is like George Jefferson walking into a KKK meeting and slapping the leader. This was just utter disregard for social convention, which I'm actually a fan of, but time and place are always of the essence.

Twitter went into a feeding frenzy last night when this aired, and one of the things that people were saying is that it was 'sending black people back to slavery'. Kanye, you might have embarrased yourself and that stripper of a girlfriend, but don't take the Twitterverse's take on it. Black people were doomed from the moment Joe Jackson took the mic at the BET Awards. It just took you Punk'ing the Whitest Teenager in America for the rest of the world to know...

PS: What's good with your hair last night, man? Seriously, whichever barber is giving you cuts like these needs to be cut.. repeatedly...



What have you done with your life recently?


Now, I don't mean that to say that what Stan Munro has created in his free-time is any more important than health care debates or getting our troops home, but perspective does lend itself to his genius, and that of all quirky personalities. This man has recreated some of the world's most amazing buildings out of about 6 million toothpicks over the course of 6 years. If you can find anyone with that type of passion for anything, then that person has to be truly accomplished in what they love. Like I said before, perspective lends itself to the quirks and idiosyncrasies that make every accomplishment worthwhile. That said, what have you done with your life recently?

via DailyMail




Saturday, September 12, 2009

Dear Michael Jordan

So, with the unbelievable suck-off session that the sports world was giving you today, I was a bit contentious going into watching the speech. Between ESPN, the blogosphere, Twitter and the news, Michael Jordan was up there with health care debate news. Being the cynical person I am, it turned me off. But alas, here I am writing about it. Mike, it goes without saying that you are the greatest player of all time. Any person can agree on that, and if they can't then they at least acknowledge your greatness. What I didn't expect was how well rounded you are. I didn't expect you to sound like Sophocles, but at the same time the perspective you gave was ridiculous. For over 21 years I've heard everyone else's idea of you and why you're the man. To hear it straight from the horse's mouth was an experience as a basketball fanatic and sneaker connoisseur. I don't wanna sit here and hold your pocket all day, because its simply not in my nature and because it makes for a boring letter, but the moments you provided were awe-inspiring to me as a child. Byron Russell might be salty every time he thinks about this speech, but he can't ever be mad that you crossed him up and got the shot off. I don't think anyone in that arena, or watching game or ever to watch the game had any doubt whether it was going in. Kudos, Mike...

PS: Why weren't more people hyped about John Stockton? Dude did it for even longer than Jordan, and in tighter shorts, but gets NO love...

Can anyone ever debate how ridiculous of a player this man is? I certainly doubt it...

Friday, September 11, 2009

NBA 2K10

Dear sweet Jesus... For the past four months, summer leagues and free agency have been the minuscule headlines for the NBA. But on October 6th, that all changes, when NBA 2K10 drops. The only game that I play religiously returns for its 10th year on the shelves and looks set to shake the basketball world again. Honestly all I can say is this: If you play 2K10, get at me. And if you play NBA Live, please off yourself. That is all...

Freestyle Friday (9/11)

Hey, what's up people. It's Friday and that means one thing and one thing only: Freestyles. Last week I left y'all with nothing to rock out to (I was moving into a new apartment), so this week I'm gonna hit you with the freestyle overload. The first one is from the ATL representer, Donnis. He spits over Mobb Deep's 'Burn' and 'Hottest in the Hood' by Red Cafe. To be completely honest, I'm still not sold on him. I think some of the stuff he says is elementary and that his flow needs work (just an opinion). The second one is from Wale, who's been going in a much different direction lyrically as of late. Dude's been focusing a lot more on storytelling and wordplay rather than just spitting, and it's scary good. With that said, he reverts back to his everyday flow, which gets annoying in this cipher. The third one is by a newcomer, named JD Era. This is my first intro to dude, and by the flag in the background, I'm assuming he's from Canada. He has a very aggressive flow, which I like, given how many 'softer' lyricists have been coming out lately. Whatever the case, check the ciphers and keep it locked to Dear Whoever, people...

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Dear Representative Wilson


via The New York Times:
In an angry and very audible outburst, Representative Joe Wilson, Republican of South Carolina, interrupted President Obama’s speech Wednesday night with a shout of “You lie!”

Though he later apologized, his eruption — in response to Mr. Obama’s statement that Democratic health proposals would not cover illegal immigrants — stunned members of both parties in the House chamber.

Democrats said it showed lack of respect for the office of the presidency and was reminiscent of Republican disruptions at recent public forums on health care.

The picture says it all. South Carolina is really tripping over their own feet this summer. Not only do you have adulterers finding their soulmates in South America, now you have Tourette's sufferers in your state government. But seriously, is that not the shout heard round the world in terms of the health care debate? You, Mr. Wilson, a conservative representative from South Carolina, make a random outburst, most likely out of frustration at President Obama's smooth and veritable speech. That outburst might have just saved the health care reform, with the conservatives resorting to whining and spreading misinformation at town halls, and now disrespecting the President in front of Congress and the Nation.

What's even funnier than the faces on two representatives next to you, is the fact that Obama wouldn't even hear your apology after the speech was over. He just gave you 'the look' and kept it moving like a real G (the first and only time you'll hear me refer to someone as a G). You're like the kid on the playground that got joked on every day, and then yelled the WORST yo mama joke EVER; now you just look dumb. And not to mention, the uproar of boos afterward was priceless. I wish they had a picture of you, most likely cowering in your seat, when you realized that your shout wouldn't cause a slow clap. Last but not least, Rep. Wilson, this incident probably is going to cost your reelection. In the eight hours after your own personal PR disaster, campaign donations to your probable opponent, Rob Miller topped $100,000. But I suppose you'll get over the screw-up. You and your Republican homies have endured worse. Osama bin Laden is still on a milk carton, and the only weapon of mass destruction we've found is your mouth...


Air Jordan XII - White / Varsity Red


The Air Jordan XII is the last of the classic Jordan releases in my opinion. This is the last Jordan sneaker to have a simple, clean design without the ridiculous accoutrement (look that shit up) of later releases like the XVII (17) or 2009. Jordan Brand has had a good deal of misses in the past 3 years but they've definitely been making up for it with a host of high-profile releases like this one. While the shape deviates from the OG version a bit, there's no doubt that this release should be in high demand when it drops this holiday...

via Flight Club Tistory





The Mailing List: September 2009 (#4)

I will say it right now. Curb Your Enthusiasm is my favorite show. The dry, sardonic humor encapsulates my cynical nature. Enough about me though. This show is completely situation-based. Any awkward encounter or ideology that you've come across in your life cannot compare to the hilarity that ensues when Larry David does his trademark stare. Hell, even the score to this show is hilarious. Do your soul a favor and check the behind the scenes of Season 7 of Curb Your Enthusiasm, and catch the season premiere on September 20th...

G-Shock Fall ‘09


So basically, everyone and their mom has a G-Shock. They've become as ubiquitous in streetwear as Levis and Nike SB. This fall is falling right in line with Casio's usual aesthetic, and looks to add a few more colors to the steady design of the G-Shock. Check some more pictures of the Fall 2009 G-Shock collection...




Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Kid Daytona & Bun B - Air Born

From his debut album 'Come Fly With Me' (see it here), The Kid Daytona finally dropped the video for his track with Bun B, Air Born. If you can't a fan of Daytona, then I don't know why you consider yourself a hip-hop fan. The man is simply a lyrical wizard. His flow works over so many different beats and his wordplay is smooth and quick-witted. Of course Bun, the Underground King, had to lace the track with some vintage flows. I can't say enough about the Notherground camp and the direction they're going, especially with 6th Sense producing tracks like this. Check the video for Air Born, and keep it posted for more drops people. AYYYYEEEEEEEE!!!!

Neigborhood Newsletter (9/9)

Every conservative's worst fear...

You Know You're a 90's Kid If...

50 things that the Internet is killing

Dude beats a 14-month old baby to death over laundry

China's Internet is the Most Censored in the World

Do the Beatles matter anymore?

How to Solve The Healthcare Debate With Violence

The 100 Most Annoying Things. Period.

30 Photoshop Disasters

Dear Allen Iverson


Okay, since it's Twitter-official, I figured it's high time I wrote this letter, Allen. No player, besides Michael Jordan, has had your effect on the game in terms of style, attitude and overall flair. From the braids (RIP), to the tattoos, to the headband, to the arm sleeve, to the sneakers, you put so many trends on the map and are the author of so many INSANE chapters in the NBA. You're one of my favorite players to watch, but always have been a frustrating prospect because of the negatives you bring. That killer crossover beget almost 4 turnovers a game for your career. That fearless attitude on the court brought you scoring titles and an MVP, but title. In some ways, going to the Memphis Grizzlies will be a second chance to show that you can play nice with the kiddies. On the other hand this might be your last bow out. Giving you a one year deal is essentially the Grizzlies begging for veteran leadership.

Now, are you gonna be Jewelz, the team-destroyer and shot-hogger, or are you gonna step to the plate and be the spark that OJ, Rudy and the rest of the young Grizzlies need to realize their potential? On paper, you going to the Grizzlies is a Godsend, but we all know what happened in Detroit, Mr. "I'd Rather Retire Than Come Off the Bench". At this point in your career, when your body isn't covered in Teflon anymore, your KNOWLEDGE of the game is gonna supersede your physical additions to the team. Do yourself and the Grizzlies a favor, and TRY to co-exist. If not to get the Grizzlies out of the bottom of the Southwest Division, do it so that I don't lose all faith in the awe-inspiring player you used to be. Seriously, AI, toss some alley's to Rudy and Sam Young, and try to let OJ get a couple of shots in. It won't be a lost season and it'll make my choice to bang with the Grizzlies (along with the Warriors, Clippers and Mavericks) in NBA 2K10 not as outlandish...

Despite his troubles, who can debate the greatness that is the Answer??

Even Jordan caught it...

Two of my favorite basketball commercials EVER...

Dear Skip Bayless

Having watched ESPN religiously for at least the past 10 years of my life, the network's ills and faults are obvious. However, one clear abomination which should be eradicated still exists. That would be you, Skip. Never has one man shelled out so much hate, not taking into account how little he himself has to offer to the sports world. Skip, you're always making snide remarks about athletes. When's the last time you've taken the field of play on a professional football player? Better yet, to put you in Chad's shoes, when's the last time you've caught an NFL touchdown reception? Ummm, never?? You're saying that Chad is all about self-promotion. If that's what he's about, then what are you about? Unsubstantiated criticism? Check. Underhanded racism? Check. A really bad hair-do? Check. I've never seen a more disagreeable commentator. I guess it's no wonder you don't actually host or comment on any games. No other ESPN personality must be able to deal with that high-ass voice mixed in with the douchebaggery and fuckery that comes out of your mouth. Do yourself a favor and Skip yourself far away from a microphone before you get shown up on your own show.. AGAIN

Obama's Speech to School Children

Seriously, President Obama is an unbelievably good orator. The man just has a penchant for connecting with his audience and showing his empathy through his speech. While I'm not sure that the kids in the U.S. will pick up Obama's call, I am sure that he turned some heads yesterday. It's also obvious that conservative America has met it's match. The speech that was supposed to 'indoctrinate Socialist ideas' in America's youth, was nothing more than a display of good faith and a call for American students to be responsible for their own educational futures. No propaganda or mud-slinging here. I really hope to hear more from this man. Hopefully he can change minds on our health care, just like he did in Arlington yesterday...