Friday, March 27, 2009

T.I. is going to jail...


I guess even the best get burned sometimes. Today Clifford Joseph Harris Jr., better known as T.I. was sentenced to a year and a day (via Reuters) in prison on federal weapons charges. TIP was arrested in 2007 after attempting to purchase firearms from a federal witness (go figure; entrapment, anyone?). Along with his prison term, he was ordered to do over 1,000 hours of community service, which consisted of him doing an MTV show advocating for a stop to violence and crime in the youth. There's no doubt in my mind that he'll serve his time at a lighter type of prison (Club Fed, anyone?) and that he'll get out on parole, considering how the court praised his efforts during his community service. Whatever the case or charges, this man's been through a hell of a lot in the past two years. Hopefully he comes out as hot (pause) as he went in. For now, I'll reminisce. Check some of his notable tracks over his thus-far successful career:

Really, really underrated diss track. Shawty Lo had to concede the loss after this one...

T.I. - A.S.A.P. & Motivation

Two tough songs in one...

Dear Killa Cam

Damn, Cam. I guess it really isn't "Dip Set Forever". I suppose your new video (see below) tells it all. Nowhere in your video for " do I see gaudy Diplomat chains or the most thrown-up set in the world. So when I saw that video and you said "I'm not doing a Diplomats album. I'm not rhyming with Jim or Juelz or nothing," I knew it was over. I suppose all good (or mediocre, in terms of post 2006 Cam) things have to come to an end. For now, I guess I'll bask in some Dip Set nostalgia and wait for Crime Pays:

Dear Coach K


via The New York Times:
“Really, it doesn’t matter at all what anyone predicts, it’s what you do,’’ Krzyzewski had said on Wednesday. “Somebody said we’re not in President Obama’s Final Four. As much as I respect what he’s done, really the economy is something that he should focus on, probably more than the brackets. So why would I care about that?"

So basically, Coach K, you're mad because our President thinks your team doesn't have a flying piece of shit's worth against the other big teams in the NCAA Tournament? Tough shit. I've been looking for a reason to write about Duke and their self-righteous, overly-braggadocios, three-point shooting, no heart-having style of play. It's painfully obvious to anyone who closely watches basketball that sooner or later Duke was going to run into a brick wall, and wouldn't know what to do when faced with that. Last night, they ran into that brick wall, in the form of a defense-oriented Villanova (that's not even the best team in the Big East), and lo and behold, you guys got bitched out (recap via ESPN). John Scheyer, Kyle Singler and Jerome Henderson (your Facebook name, Gerald) all got exposed and Coach K got made to look like a fool by the President. Maybe instead of commenting on the man's stance on your team's performance, maybe you should teach your team how to play with some toughness, or at least how to dribble. God knows, a pretty jump shot won't win in the tournament, especially not against a Big East team. Until then Coach K, focus your ire on something your team should learn how to do:


Dear 50 Cent

Another year, another repetitive marketing ploy from Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson. Don't you think it's about time that you found another way to sell records? I mean, the Ja Rule beef was funny and well-received, considering that nobody really was down with Murda Inc. (apparently it's The Ink, now) at that point. The Fat Joe beef was somewhat silly, but most people can understand that there's a transitive property when it comes to rap beef. When it came for the Jadakiss / D-Block beef, we all knew that you had gone too far, especially when Jada roasted you, and you had no response. So why, why on earth, why in the name of Gangstalicious (we all know that that was you Aaron McGruder was evoking), would you stoop to trying this plan again? Moreso, why would you try it with Rick Ross, a man who had never uttered a single bad word about you? So what if he's affiliated with DJ Khaled, who's affiliated with Fat Joe? The transitive property can only reach so far before it becomes ridiculous, 50. What makes your beef-mongering (pause) even worse is that your album sales have dropped faster than Superhead's drawers. If you keep it up, you'll self-destruct before you can even release Before I Self-Destruct. It doesn't help your cause, either, that Ross has two bangers out (see below), as opposed to your extra-whack feature on Eminem's crap-fest "Crack a Bottle" (see above). Officer Ricky or not, Ross is going to have you beat (in record sales and overall hotness) if you keep messing around with retarded Youtube videos instead of actually putting out hot tracks. As rap beefs go, the music ALWAYS, and I repeat ALWAYS, speaks louder than any ploys or stupidity outside of it. Hopefully you get it before you have to put out another G-Unit album to make up for all the money you lost when yo tried to outsell Kanye.

10 Deep - Spring 2009 Collection


I'm getting older; not older in the sense that I'm going to be playing parchesi and eating tapioca pudding in the "White Light" Retirement Home, but older in that I can't rock out with my colorful tee shirts, earrings, and sagging jeans. I won't tell you my age, but soon sneakers and streetwear will not be the modus operandi that I'll be able to subscribe to. Just like when I went to college, I put away the tall tees and fitteds with the New Era stickers for fitted jeans and polos, the advent of a new year brings a change. 10 Deep (always a favorite brand of mine) just came out with their Spring Collection, and I have to say, that they must have been reading my mind. Along with a new mission statement, the army of one (if you know the brand, you know what that means) has revamped their style, catering to the early nineties crowd and tailoring their clothing to a higher ideal of aesthetics. While still carrying an edgy undertone, 10 Deep has gone from bold to laid back with their designs, and I for one have become a lifelong fan. Peep a few more pieces from the Spring 2009 lookbook:

via: 10 Deep

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Nike Air Yeezy


Attention Kanye Fans: The Air Yeezy's will be released on April 4th at the Foot Locker House of Hoops on 34th Street in New York. They're definitely going to be in the colorway above (I don't really dig it). This is really one of the first times I've seen Nike come through with a signature shoe for someone that's not an athlete. For some reason, I see the materials on this being above par with Nike's releases as of late. But anyways kids, if you're looking to get a pair of these, you better line up soon. Y'all know how those resellers are.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Consequence & KiD CuDi - Buggin' Out 2009

Most of my friends think that KiD CuDi (yes, I did the letters like that on purpose) can't rap. He really is a pretty good musician and lines up well with the whole GOOD Music image, but his lyrics have been sub-par in my opinion. He puts together a decent verse in this video, not to mention makes himself seem a lot less boring. Does anyone know what, in GOD's name, is wrong with Consequence's teeth?!?! He looks like Mr. Wilson from Dennis the Menace with those...

Friday, March 20, 2009

Dear VH1,


So you finally decided to bring back Behind the Music? (link below) I'm actually very surprised at this one, considering the last time you guys played actual music wasn't even on the actual VH1. You guys outsourced more musical duties to VH1 Soul than Sony Corporation to India. Seriously, what the fuck? How can you guys call yourselves a music channel when the only time you play music is during the Top 20 Countdown? Why has your programming segued into shitty reality programming? Why do I see Ray J and a bunch of other C-list celebrities instead of something productive and easing to the ears? You guys are like that easily-led annoying girl in my computer class in high school, confused and too concerned with the ideals of others. But that's neither here nor there. Apparently for your first Behind the Music in over three years is going to be about none other than Weezy F. Baby (do any other artists exist these days?). But I have one last question: don't artists have to have gone through an overwhelming amount of adversity to be on Behind the Music? I feel like the only hard times Wayne's gone through is when that nigga shot himself by accident. And even if that's a hardship of some sort, isn't it stupid to have someone on because of self-inflicted hardship? Does getting raped by Baby count? I swear, it's like people need an excuse to give Wayne publicity. Whatever the case, it's going to be interesting to see BTM back on the air. I hope their ratings don't get buttfucked and buttfucked and buttfucked again.

Stussy "Great Minds" Collection

I LOVE creative ideas in streetwear, especially since lately everything looks the same. It's like every brand has just melded into every other brand. It's like a Flubber of repetitive, unmotivated clothing, that people just buy simply for the name now. That's why I'm liking the "Great Minds" collection by Stussy. They took portraits of some of the most brilliant thinkers of all time and proceeded to infuse them with color and funk (wouldn't it be DOPE if funk was a feasible, physical substance or object?). They got Einstein, Thoreau, Shakespeare ( spelled his name wrong, SMH), Freud and Marx on this first release. Hopefully they continue this idea. Here are my favorites:




Thursday, March 19, 2009

Dear Nike SB


So you guys decided to switch up the boxes* again? That amounts to six colors now (orange, silver, pink, black and gold). With the exception of three or four releases the gold box Dunks have been TRASH. Not even trash, horrible. Bad themes, bad colors and shitty materials have pervaded the recent Nike SB releases. It's like Nike hired someone from the Bedazzler company as their chief designer and let this guy go crazy with the colors. Even if you were trying to get on the whole bright-colored, rainblow fad, you're about two years late for that bandwagon. I have a lot of hope for this brand, but some of the previews I've seen look like you guys might be feeling that recession soon.


You've got to be kidding with those two.

These can get the job done though.


*shoutout to SwaggerDap for the heads up on the box change

The Mailing List: March 2009 (#1)

So I finally decided on the #1 for March's Mailing List (yes, over halfway into the month). For you cordial, non-tardies, I'll work on getting April's Mailing List out in a timely manner, but for now, peep #1:

#1 Curren$y: "This Ain't No Mixtape"

So I just posted on Curren$y a few days ago, but after some heavily listening, I've decided that this needs to be #1. There aren't any serious, heavily anticipated mixtapes coming out for a minute, aside from this one. Listen to Tha Hot Spitta preview his new tape below. The cover and tracklist will be up as soon as I get it. Also, you can check out some snippets from the tape in the link below.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Nike Air Force II High - Nintendo Wii


Sorry I haven't written any letters lately. Exams are a bitch and I suck at time management. But I can still write about this:

Nike is really releasing some hot sneakers these days. Apparently, in addition to the high top Blazers I posted the other day, there'll be a Air Force II High released following the same Nintendo Wii theme. This time, however, they'll take a little out of the Espo's book, with a clear upper portion (y'all better be wearing clean socks). They also feature a nice clear sole, white cement print accents on the toebox and a Power button logo on the tongue. This is a definite cop for you Wii fans. I like the Blazers more, but these are extremely dope.



Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Curren$y "Tha Hot Spitta"

I can admit when I'm wrong, unlike 99% of our planet. When you sleep on something, and then find out about it later on, it's almost like waking up and finding out that Christmas passed you by a week ago. You might still get the GI Joe with the kung-fu grip, but the thrill of opening it on that day is gone. Okay, maybe I took that analogy farther than it needed to be taken, but still, I can't believe that I slept on this dude. Curren$y aka Hotspitta is out of New Orleans and has been putting out mixtapes for the past two years. The only reason I was late on the bandwagon, is because he was affiliated for the longest with a dreadlocked, platinum grilled, eyebrow and lip-pierced, sometimes indecipherable rapper that I don't particularly subscribe to these days (for you stupid folk, Weezy F). I always felt like the only reason people really fucked with Curren$y (I hate having to write that damn dollar sign) was because he was with Wayne and because he's pretty fresh by today's label-obsessed standards. But that's neither here nor there. After a lazy Sunday of playing video games and watching Selection Sunday with the Hotspitta in the background, I've come to the conclusion that dude needs to be covered. He's not only dope with the wordplay, but he always rides his beats perfectly, something that can't be said about Wayne all the time. His production is on point, too. Here are a few videos and my picks for the first Curren$y mixtape I've ever listened to:

This mixtape made me into a believer.

He can ride a beat as good as anyone out right now.

I couldn't blog about dude without talking about his kick game. A little on the hype bandwagon, but a dope collection nonetheless.

Nike Fresh Water Pack


Nike's really been releasing a lot of solid retro's these days. This is the Fresh Water pack, including a DOPE Air Griffey Max One and an Air Max 95 with the big bubble. You'd better cop before they start releasing generic looking Dunks and Air Force 1's again.

Crank 2: High Voltage

I hate when people try and discredit movies saying "that couldn't happen in real life". It's like taking offense to a video game player. In the realm of film, unless the story happened in real life and ACTUALLY is inspired by or mirrored by actual events, your belief should be suspended. See the heart-pounding action scenes and clearly infeasible happenings, and enjoy them for what they're worth. Stop trying to make something entertaining into a Discovery Channel show. That aside, Crank was a dope movie, but THIS looks like the craziest movie EVER, reality aside.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Killa Cam on the O'Reilly Factor

It's been over six years since Cam'ron and Dame Dash graced the airwaves of uber-conservative white Americans and crash landed on Fox News with good old, black-hating Bill O'Reilly. The dialogue was something that NO ONE could script and fewer people could find themselves not laughing hysterically at. While it set black people back another twenty years, it was still refreshing to see Bill taken aback by the virulent joking and stupidity that ensues when you pick guests that pigeonhole the demographics that they represent. But this segment is even better when you consider that Killa Cam would be completely down with making another appearance on the show, according to

Cam'ron recently spoke on Bill O'Reilly, recalling his infamous 2003 interview, and the Dipset leader revealed his interest in returning to the controversial show. 
Click here to find out more! 

Killa dished out his thoughts on the Fox network host and why he would go back for a head-to-head session. 

"If they ever invite me, I would love to come back," Cam said in an interview. "I get a lot of people on the street who still tell me, 'I loved you on Bill O'Reilly' but whenever he invites me, definitely, I'd go back especially now since I know what type of person he is, I didn't know who Bill O'Reilly was before I got there and that was my first time. I had never watched the show before. I never knew what type of person [he was], that was just me being me. But not that I know what I'm dealing with, I'll be even more prepared." (The Life Files)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Nike Blazer High - Nintendo Wii


Themed sneakers can be either hit or miss. I know about 99% of my friends would give their firstborn for a pair of "MF Doom" SB's but would kill themselves if forced to even touch a pair of the "Day of the Dead" SB's. Nike's releases are like Jamal Crawford's success; either really, really shitty or unbelievably dope. Even when the actual theme is nice, it's execution is detestable, similar to the 2nd season of the Boondocks. It's absurd how inconsistent Nike is with their themed releases. However, I'm hyped about these. Nike is releasing a "Nintendo Wii" pack, the first release being a high-top Blazer. The soles are clear with a light blue tint, like the cover used for the Wii nunchuck. There's bright red piping around the swoosh and on the tongue in a power logo (pictured below), ostrich-skin on the heel tab and the laces are of the same material as the nunchuck lanyard. It's not often that Nike is able to release a dope sneaker with a commercial theme. I'm definitely copping. I should probably get a Wii though at some point.




Thursday, March 12, 2009

Swagger Magazine?

I hate the word swagger. No, I detest the word swagger. No word is misused than swagger. Dumb niggas who listened to a Weezy song yesterday and watch Soulja Boy's "Rich Nigga Shit" Youtube videos are like parrots when it comes to the word swagger. Hell, half of these heads couldn't give you a dignified definition of swagger, much less display any type of swagger that doesn't blow Wayne, Kanye, Jay and T.I. all at once. People have used the word so much that there are different spellings now (ie: swagg, swag, swagga, swaggah, swagah, I've seen it all). The word swagger is so overused that they have derivations of the word now. Seriously though? Swaggerific? Swaggtastic? Swaggnificence? The world (or at least the hip-hop) has put the word swagger in their mouths and it has fucked our lexicon to the point of no return. But lo and behold, the advent of Swagger Magazine, the magazine all about... you guessed it; swagger. While I'm not really high on the word, the magazine looks like it might be well put together. Plus the first three people on the cover list make up about half of my iTunes library. Behold Swagger Magazine, where swagger isn't any thing, it's the only thing.


This cover oozes swaggnificense...

Dear Ron Artest

Ron, Ron, Ron; you've come a long way since yoking up that fan in the Palace. There was a point at which I thought your career was over to tell you the truth. Between getting suspended for an entire season and getting stuck in the doldrums in Sacramento, you even tried to start a rap career. That's why when you got traded to Houston and through the first 3/4 of the season without any altercations, I was pretty surprised. But as with most stars with a hot-headed streak, Ron had to go crazy. Did you really think that you would be able to hold Kobe down the whole game? I know you're one of the best defenders in the league, but you've definitely watched enough SportsCenter to know the three players you can't check (LeBron, D-Wade, and of course Kobe). Seriously Ron, even when he pulled that ridiculous spin move on you for an open three, didn't you think it would be wise to just keep it shut and let your defense talk for you? Anyway, I hope you learned a lesson. While I think Kobe is a dick, he's the best (or 2nd best for you LeBron lovers) player in the league as well as the reigning MVP. Maybe, just maybe he was "ready for you". You must be feeling crunchy though; especially after the man laughed hysterically in your face at that statement. Hey, at least your team is doing better than the Mavs.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dear Diddy

I guess I'm not the only person who thinks you are poision. From Ma$e to Total to G-Dep to Black Rob to Shyne (when is he getting out?) to Day 26 to Craig Mack to the L.O.X. (thank God they saw the light) to Faith Evans to Carl Thomas, you've ruined people's lives and made BANK off of them. Seriously, Diddy, or Puffy or P. Diddy or whatever the fuck you call yourself this hour, you need to stop making reality shows, stop finding new artists to leech off of and start actually creating music. Hell, I guarantee if Biggie was still alive (RIP) he would be in the same boat. Why do people still think that signing with Diddy is an opportunity? Bad Boy Records should just start calling themselves Bad Boy Cemetery with the amount of dead artists on their roster. I guess when you helped promote one of the best rappers alive or dead, you can put your hand on anything and it'll turn into gold. The problem with Diddy is that ten minutes later the gold starts tarnishing, and by the time people realize what happened, a new golden calf has been cast and niggas just assume the old gold never existed. Fuck Diddy. Fuck Bad Boy. I hope you gets stuck in hip-hop purgatory and are forced to listen to the crap you've put out on repeat for the rest of eternity. Or better yet, I hope you have to listen to Dream's album on repeat for the rest of eternity. 

Dear Saigon,

It seems like a long ass time since you released "Favorite Things" and Turtle and Drama discovered you trying to find that stolen car. You've really gone off the deep end in the past few years. From telling everyone "I QUIT" in November '07 to inking a deal a few weeks ago to sign with Amalgam Digital, (listen to the CEO talk about the deal HERE) the record company that is basically RUN by the man you're constantly sending diss records at. Even if it is one album "All in a Day's Work" (which is a nice little concept), you're really reaching here, my dude. Damn, Sai, is the recession going that hard? Are times that rough? A nigga doesn't even have his hair braided in that first video. Peep what Joey had to say about Saigon's signing. Joey always seem to be on the cool and collected side with whatever he does. That's really why I bang with him:

Asher Roth - Asleep in the Bread Aisle

So unless you've been living under a rock (or way too drunk), you have to have heard the nostalgic, guitar-laced jam by Pennsylvania native Asher Roth, "I Love College." After his critically acclaimed, weed-themed mixtape "The Greenhouse Effect," dude is putting out his first full-length release. There's no scheduled date (that would be way too sober for Roth) so keep your ears open. I'll definitely keep you guys posted. But for now, here's the cover, tracklist, and a few nice videos to keep you occupied.


1. Lark on My Go Cart (prod. by Oren Yoel and David Appleton)
2. Blunt Cruise (prod. by Oren Yoel)
3. I Love College (prod. By Mike Carren and Ben Allen)
4. La Di Da (prod. By Don Cannon)
5. Fallen (prod. by Novel)
6. Be By Myself Feat. Cee-Lo (prod. by Oren Yoel)
7. She Don’t Want A Man (prod. by Oren Yoel)
8. Sour Patch Kids (prod. by Oren Yoel)
9. As I Em (prod. by Oren Yoel and David Appleton)
10.Bad Day Feat. Jazze Pha (prod. by Oren Yoel and David Appleton)
11. Leo The Lion Feat. New Kingdom (prod. by Yoel)
12. His Dream Feat. Miguel (prod. by Yoel)
13. Nothing You Can’t Do (prod. by Nottz)

The Mailing List: March 2009 (#2)

2. Mishka Flagship Store Opening

I always respected Mishka. From their sometimes macabre designs and outlandish colors to the dubious pronunciation of the brand's name, Mishka is a bastion of originality and eccentricity in the streetwear game. That's why I'm so hyped for this. Mishka is finally opening up their first flagship store in Brooklyn (why won't niggas in the Bronx get up on their streetwear?) on Friday the 13th (seems fitting for them). Details on the time and place are below. There's an afterparty, too. Anyone down to make moves?


Playing Scrabble with Weezy

Maybe Weezy F. isn't as dumb as we think...

Monday, March 9, 2009

Rockin' that Shit (Remix)

I'll admit it. I never used to really like the Dream. I thought he was going to be a one-hit wonder and he was going to end up doing a reality show on VH1 within the next two years. Guess even my prognostication ends up wrong at times. Rockin that Shit is officially the ultimate "grab a shorty" song and the remix is no different. Peep the video and the exorbitant amount of Louis Vuitton being displayed. I don't understand how LV hasn't just given in and started letting rappers endorse them. Right now they're making bank from free promotion. (sigh) Leave it to niggas to pay money to subscribe to a brand's style so hard, but get no sort of love from that brand.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Dear Jordan Brand

You guys have officially lost me. What the fuck? I could deal with the constant retro's. The packs were okay too. But these Fusions are despicable. Which fistful of assholes in their right mind came up with this concept?


Nike x Jordan Board Meeting:

Idiot 1: Hey guys, we're up the creek without a paddle. Since the Jordan 18's have dropped, our sales have gone down faster than Brittney Spears' record sales. How can we revitalize the brand?

Idiot 2: Maybe we can just keep rehashing the same sneakers we've always had, just with shittier materials, and then release them in "packs" of two. People will think they're getting a deal when we're fucking their wallets even worse!!!

Idiot 1: No, we've already done that. Plus we can't do any more combinations unless we start having three sneakers a pack and only do the lower numbers. That would be OD; and really hard math to do. Come on guys. We've got to have some ideas.

Retard from Nike (in trademark retard voice): Duhhhhh, maybe we can make a shoe that looks like an Air Force 1 and a Jordan at the same time. We can put them together and make more monies (yes, monies). I think it would look.... (starts drooling and ceases speaking)

Idiot 1: That idea just might be crazy enough to work!!! We can even use the shitty materials we have sitting around in the China warehouses!!! Tell the production people to put Air Force 1 soles on Jordan uppers and start making the Fusions!!!


I guess when you're the biggest sportswear brand in the world, you can take a shit, put it in a box and it'll still sell like holy water. So much for brand creativity.

It's Mickey!!!

Yeah, so I'm on another blogging binge after going a few days with nothing. But it's whatever because my blog is piff. Here's some more Mickey Factz for y'all:

"This music ish is just like breathin. Got a strong sinus, too bad you got bronchitis." Mickey is a fucking monster.

Everybody and their mom, sister, son, cousin, best friends and dog has spit over this beat. Mickey's the only one that went in off the top and still killed it.

I'm telling you guys right now that this man is the truth.

The Mailing List: March 2009 (#3)

3. SPRING!!!!


I fucking hate winter. Not only is it freezing cold, but it seems like everyone has a cold demeanor during the winter months. I don't want to be outside during the winter. The weather plays a factor in whatever transportation decisions I end up having to make. Not to mention, my living room has a shitty draft coming through the window, but once I turn the heat up, the room gets stuffy and starts smelling like guy. That's why number 3 on March's mailing list is Spring!!! It officially starts on March 21st, when I can finally put my huge North Face snorkel away and just rock a tee shirt. You can see the change that spring brings in people. Everyone seems happier. There are actually people outside. I don't mind taking the long way to class and chilling outside with my friends. But the best thing about spring is that women finally begin disrobing and we see a lot more of this:

Is that Serena or just some random chick from the Bronx? Is Nike is finally reaching out to the sisters!?!?

Dear Shitty Black Establishments

Now, I've always been one to support my people, seeing that there's usually no support coming from elsewhere. I make the effort do my business at black-owned and black-operated establishments in the hope that somehow our people as a whole will benefit and for the most part will give them the benefit of the doubt depending on the situation. However, when I realize that my hard-earned (and when I say hard-earned I mean that shit) money is spent for naught, I get pissed. I get upset when niggas think that just because you're black that they can act out and give you bad service. When your English is indecipherable, you have an attitude while serving me, you smell, clearly don't care or want to care, and just suck at operating a business, I can't subscribe to it anymore. Fuck supporting black businesses when they don't do good business. For God's sake, we have a BLACK PRESIDENT!!! If that man can get to the White House, y'all niggas should be able to put a fucking plate down in front of me with a smile on your face. When you guys step your service up, I'll step my tip up.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Three Dope MC's

So I said I would feature Mickey Factz every day this week. Here goes nothing. Mickey is one of those MC's that goes extra hard when he's cyphers with other dope MC's. Here's a freestyle with him, Cory Gunz and Charles Hamilton from Sirius Satellite Radio and after that a freestyle with him and Cory Gunz on BET's The Deal (aka the fake Rap City). Enjoy, kids. You're hearing three of the up-and-comers in the game.

Mickey Factz, Cory Gunz & Charles Hamilton on Sirius Satellite Radio

Mickey Factz & Cory Gunz on "The Deal"

Dear Barry Bonds



We know you took steroids, Barry. It's obvious. No man can go from a skinny, fast, base-stealer, to a beefy (PAUSE) home-run hitter who can barely run around the bases. Your career is over. Your record is a farce and you no longer have credibility. Not to mention you're a selfish son of a bitch when it comes to playing with a team. Face it, Barry. I find it unbelievably funny that you're trying to make a comeback and shopping offers from teams these days. I guess all that litigation you're tied up is making your wallet thinner than you were. Yes, the recession is even hitting the immortal and over-juiced Barry Bonds. By the way, don't think that anyone forgot about this: 

Barry Bonds, if he continues taking steroids

The Mailing List: March 2009 (#4)

4. Jadakiss - The Last Kiss

For those of you who don't know (if you're reading this, you probably already do), Jadakiss is the TRUTH. His flow is impeccable, his wordplay is unparalleled and his punchlines are top 5 dead or alive, in my humble opinion. The funny thing is, dude has only released two albums. But after 5 years and a few low-key features (not to mention, a play count of 139 for his A Millie freestyle), Al-Quaeda Jada is coming out with the new album, "The Last Kiss". It drops March 10 (hopefully, that is; y'all know how shit gets pushed back constantly). Here's the cover, tracklist and his first single (I don't like it, but Jada's never been one for love songs to me):

1. Pain & Torture
2. Something Else (featuring Young Jeezy)
3. Things I’ve Been Through
4. Can’t Stop Me
5. Money and Jewelry
6. Smoking Gun (featuring Jazmine Sullivan)
7. Times Up (featuring Barrington Levy)
8. I Tried (featuring Avery Storm)
9. Searching (featuring Sheek Louch)
10. Two-Step (featuring Pharrell Williams)
11. Come and Get Me (featuring Sheek Louch & S.I.)
12. By My Side (featuring Ne-Yo)
13. Death Wish (featuring Lil Wayne)
14. Letter to B.I.G. (featuring Faith Evans)

Reebok "The Question" Retro


So you guys have finally admitted that the recession is even hitting the sneaker game. Taking a page out of Jordan Brand's never-ending saga of retro's, re-releases, re-retro's and infamous packs, Reebok is re-releasing the original "The Question", the first signature shoe of Allen Iverson. The shoe comes in the original colorway of the original release of the shoe from 1996, complete with the icy blue sole and the bubble, that, as a kid, I poked so much that I popped it after two months. Whatever the case, kids, this is a limited release (go figure), complete with a signed box. I'm definitely copping before they retro it again and raise the price because they come in a baby-skin case with a platinum and diamond-encrusted hangtag, some socks made from AI's newly shaved hair, and a random Allen Iverson highlight DVD.



Dear Fat Celebrities,





What the fuck? Chris, have times been that rough? You look like someone stuffed you full of marshmallows and then got you high. I know I'm not in perfect shape, but you're really pushing it. Smokey definitely went to rehab for smoking, but I didn't know he needed fat camp, too. Whatever the case, Chris, the winter is almost over, and I damn sure don't see you as the hibernating type. Maybe you should hit up that Timbaland workout plan and get on the treadmill, or hit the stairclimber, or something. Oh wait, not even Timbaland is safe.





Looks like you were eating well after that multi-platinum album a two years ago, literally. Madonna looks like you prey, not your friend (then again, you seem like you're eyeing a much more fulfilling meal). But seriously, what is the problem? For people with copious amounts of expendable income, you guys should take care of yourselves. If Star Jones can lose two people and Michael Jackson can lose ALL of his melanin, you guys can drop some poundage. 

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Joe Budden's Girlfriend's Ass

That's one of the most direct titles to a blog post EVER. Now I've never been one to objectify women, but this is unbelievable. For a man who's commercial success has faltered in the past few years, Joey did pretty well for himself.

His last words in this video are priceless. If and when God blesses me with a Queen as a companion, I'd love to be able to utter those words and have the desired effect.


So yeah, since his last mixtape, Neo Now came out, I've been waiting desperately to blog about this man, so I've decided to dedicate a post a day to him. For over a year now, he's been putting out straight piff. And no music industry takeover is complete without a corporate sponsor. It just so happens that his corporate sponsor is Honda, and it also just so happens that its a dope ass commercial. Move over 50's Vitamin Water and Diddy's Ciroc (which is really, really good vodka, for those of us of age), because here come's Mickey's RhymesandReasons campaign for Honda. Dude drives an Accord. If that's not down to earth, then I'm a wack DJ who only plays crunk music.

Monday, March 2, 2009

The Mailing List: March 2009 (#5)

Hey kids, what's up? Did ya miss me? Yeah, well I have a new column for Dear Whoever. It's the Mailing List and it's the top 5 things you should be looking out for in that month. I'll post a new part of the list every day. But anyways, I hate describing my posts. I'd much rather write them. Enjoy, kids.


5. The 2009 NCAA Tournament


Yes, kids, it's the most wonderful time of the year. The 2009 NCAA tournament is coming. It's going to be held in Detroit and I'm telling you guys RIGHT NOW so that there's no confusion. The University of Connecticut is WINNING it all, so you might as well put a picture of Coach Calhoun's face over Bill Self's. By the way, if anyone wants to get into bracket pool, get at me. I'd love to take your money.