Friday, May 22, 2009

Nickelus F - Go Time


WOOOOOOOOO!!!! It's Music May time!!! Today we have a fairly unknown (by unknown, I mean the blogs haven't blown up on dude's every move yet) artist out of Richmond, Virginia. Dude's name is Nickelus F. Most of you guys should know him from his collabs with Drizzy Drake on numerous mixtape tracks. Nick F is finally coming out with his second mixtape "Go Time." I'm gonna be honest with you. It was one of the best listening experiences I've had in a minute because dude really isn't exposed enough for people to have predispositions about him. It's just the music. And the music is dope. Peep the tracklist, D/L link, my picks and some leaks and videos:

Nickelus F - Go Time

1. Howdy (Produced by Stupid Genius & Leck One)
2. Nuts On A Biscuit
3. Hate Freestyle
4. The Rain (Produced by Beatbusta)
5. Jack Boyz
6. Great Set of Teeth (Monumentous)
7. Outta Here (Produced by Timeless Beats)
8. Good Game (Produced by Young)
9. Underground Freestyle
10. Logistics
11. Play This On The Radio Freestyle
12. Turn Me Up (Produced by 13th Letter)
13. Rabid Matrimony
14. Stressin’
15. New Day (Original Version) ft Ivory
16. The Sun ft. Little Brother, Hall OF Fame & Skillz (Produced by Fusion Unltd)
17. Culture Of Honor ft. J-$crilla & Chaundon & Five

Cream of the Crop:
Hate Freestyle
The Rain
Play This on the Radio Freestyle
The Sun

Cream of the Crap
New Day
Turn Me Up
Culture of Honor

Nickelus F & Drake - Look at the Ice
Nickelus F - 16 oz. = 1 lb. (Freestyle)


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