Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mickey Factz x KiD CuDi - Lemme Breathe

Lemme Breathe from GFCnewyork on Vimeo.

So, umm, yeah. Mickey Factz and KiD CuDi (don't know why I insist on typing it like that) are coming out with a new record called Lemme Breathe. They started the buzz in true "blog era" fashion by tweeting this:
@MickeyFactz Truthfully: We gonna leak video footage of me and cudi's record and if we get 1000 retwit's we will leak more of the record
As you can see, the two are heavy into their vinyl and 80's music, so whatever collab they do is gonna be extremely eclectic. Plus, the preview they gave us sounds pretty dope. I can only hope CuDi's verse can breathe the same air as Mickey's. Dude can't sing "Day N Nite" for the rest of his life and expect to get that Kobe number.