Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dear Saigon,

It seems like a long ass time since you released "Favorite Things" and Turtle and Drama discovered you trying to find that stolen car. You've really gone off the deep end in the past few years. From telling everyone "I QUIT" in November '07 to inking a deal a few weeks ago to sign with Amalgam Digital, (listen to the CEO talk about the deal HERE) the record company that is basically RUN by the man you're constantly sending diss records at. Even if it is one album "All in a Day's Work" (which is a nice little concept), you're really reaching here, my dude. Damn, Sai, is the recession going that hard? Are times that rough? A nigga doesn't even have his hair braided in that first video. Peep what Joey had to say about Saigon's signing. Joey always seem to be on the cool and collected side with whatever he does. That's really why I bang with him: