Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dear Supreme,


So you guys finally admitted that you are NO LONGER A SKATE SHOP!!! It's long been time for you to hop off the skateboarding bandwagon like everyone else and are just trying to make money by producing 'limited' apparel and other stupid shit. I never knew so many mundane household and personal items could be so commodified and made into collectors items just by putting the word Supreme on them. I thought t-shirts, pants, dress shirts, hoodies, skateboards, hats, lighters, ashtrays and keychains were enough. But now you guys have scented candles, rain jackets, can openers, lanyards and pocket knives. You might as well just become a knick-knack store! (daydream clouds enter) A high-end knick-knack store, complete with a copyright symbol, 5th Avenue location, racist doorman, and vaccum-sealed atmosphere. I can see it all now (daydream clouds clear). Later for now, though. I have to go get my spot in the line outside your store so I can have that brand-new Supreme © weed-whacker I saw in the Summer 2011 catalog!!!